Open Homes Australia Episode 8: SunGroup Energy Powers Dave Franklin’s Dreamhouse

Open Homes Australia episode 8

Viewers were transported to Black Rock, Melbourne, in episode 8 of Open Homes Australia. This amazing house is the home of Dave Franklin, Landscape extraordinaire and The Block favourite. Taking us through this incredible home was none other than Jesse Raeburn, a friend of Energy Matters, The Block contestant, Renovate or Rebuild team member, and real estate guru.

The home was 4 years in the making, with renovations beginning in 2019 to the existing home. Dave’s wife Jane was responsible for the interior design, and the final result is nothing short of breathtaking.

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Spanish-Coastal design

Dave and Jane’s beautiful home is a mixture of Spanish and Coastal in its design. The arches that line the driveway hint at a Pablo Escobar-inspired theme (Dave’s words!) and the weatherboard cladding on the upper level, along with the gorgeous landscaping, would have you thinking that you’re on the coast.

The interior of the home is really a testament to Jane. The eclectic décor choices, along with the neutral tones of white, black, and brown, all make for a homely feel. With teenage children and their beloved dogs, the home provides a space for the family to relax and enjoy.

The inside opens to the outside with bifold doors opening to an incredible pool and beautiful landscaping. Returning inside, Dave’s favourite feature of the home is the cellar. With exposed brick and lighting that illuminates the wine, Dave’s favourite is no doubt a statement room of the home.

Upstairs, vaulted 6 metre-high ceilings provide ample natural light. With the heated pool running non-stop, and the interior of the home consistently heated or cooled, a solution was required to reduce the home’s electricity bills drastically.

SunGroup Energy’s solar solution

SunGroup Energy’s solar solution

Dave contacted Energy Matters when his last power bill ran up to $3,000. Energy Matters recommended SunGroup Energy, one of Melbourne’s leading solar retailers. SunGroup Energy was chosen for their quality service where they consulted Dave and Jane face to face, provided a site inspection by one of their electricians, and created a solution for the tricky solar installation. Additional scaffolding was required for the installation and SunGroup Energy ensured that all wiring remained concealed to maintain the aesthetics of the property.

The end result was a professionally installed solar system in that will continue to provide the Franklin family with the energy they need to keep their electricity bills to a minimum.

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