Solar Power And Water Consumption

While solar power and wind energy are overwhelmingly green by general comparison when it comes to power generation, considerable amounts of water are also needed for the most (currently) cost-efficient type of large-scale solar farms

Israel Inaugurates Unique Solar Farm

While concentrated photovoltaic technology is widespread; a new Israeli solar farm combines it with a water-based cooling system that not only dramatically boosts solar cell efficiency, but also provides hot water suitable for use in homes.

Victoria – The Green Jobs State?

The ‘Victoria – The Green Jobs State: Seizing The Opportunities’ document uses a series of case studies to demonstrate that more over 25,000 new jobs could be be generated in just five industries in Victoria while delivering substantial greenhouse gas emission reductions.

UK To Crack Down On Coal Power

In an announcement late last week, the UK government proposed sweeping changes that would see the construction of any new coal based power stations require a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) component.

The Solar Power Sharks Are Circling

While the solar industry in Australia is generally populated by ethical companies that have a genuine passion for the products they sell, the explosion of low quality equipment coupled with financial incentives have seen some fly-by-night operations set up shop to take advantage of consumers; offering deals that seem too good to be true – and in many cases, indeed they are.

Solar Powered Farts And Energy Storage

While energy storage has always posed somewhat of a challenge when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing; a technology showing promise is using solar power and wind energy to help generate farts, or more accurately, methane.