Regional Electrical Engineering Forum 2009

The Regional Electrical Engineering Forum 2009, to be held in Tasmania, will examine and discuss the latest local and international practices and standards in electrical safety, switchgear & power cables, remote and emergency power; with a focus on the engineering environment and people of Tasmania.

Tasmania’s Agfest Goes Solar

Tasmania’s Agfest 2008 was a great success with over 64,000 people attending over 3 days. This year the event is expected to attract even more interest thanks to attractions such as helicopter rides and new technologies being showcased, including solar power. 

Another Australian Electric Car – the evME

The evMe fully electric car is designed and assembled in Australia. It has a range of 200 kilometers and can achieve speeds of up to 130 kmh. The evME can easily integrate with residential solar power installations; making it a truly zero emissions vehicle.