Australia’s Solar Hot Water Uptake Soaring

Australia’s Environment Minister Peter Garrett stated today that more than 6,000 Australians have already applied for the new $1,600 Federal Government solar hot water rebate under the $3.9 billion Energy Efficient Homes Package.

Secret Solar Powered Death Ray Project Unveiled

Solar power and going green is most definitely in – it’s hip, it’s happening – even in the armed forces. An Australian company with no previous history in military hardware development has unveiled what they term a GWMD (Green Weapon Of Mass Destruction) – a solar powered death ray.

Poland Warms To Renewable Energy

Poland is well known for its love affair with coal, However, that is rapidly changing as the EU, of which Poland is member, has decreed that 15% of energy production must be from renewable sources by 2020.

China’s Major Solar Farm Push

Solar power equipment is already quite cheap in China as the country is home to some of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturers, but the Chinese government last week launched an ambitious program that will see new solar farms dotting the landscape at an even more frenetic rate.

Wind Power And Cavern Batteries

One of the major challenges of wind power is the sometimes fickle nature of the resource. However, technology to store compressed air underground that can then be released during calm periods may be the solution.