Spinning Batteries – Flywheel Energy Storage

Flywheels are an alternative to deep cycle batteries or molten salt for storing energy that can be transformed into electricity. Flywheel energy storage works by accelerating a rotor (flywheel) to incredibly high speeds and maintaining the energy in the system as rotational energy, which is converted back by slowing down the flywheel.

Walmart Moves Closer To 100% Renewable Energy

The world’s largest public corporation by revenue, Walmart, is moving closer to achieving its stated goal of 100% renewable energy with the recent announcement to install rooftop solar power systems on five of its stores in Puerto Rico; with the potential for 23 stores over five years.

Energy Matters Launches ‘SolarGate’ Initiative.

The Australian solar industry and households wanting to install solar power systems have been left hanging in recent weeks in relation to government rebates, resulting in many providers having excess stock of solar panels. Australian solar power solutions provider Energy Matters has decided to clear some of their surplus stock by extending an offer to senior politicians – an initiative they call ‘SolarGate’.