Britain’s World Solar Challenge Entry – Bethany

Imagine a vehicle that could travel at a hundred kilometres an hour on around the same energy as a hair dryer uses. That’s what the Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) team have achieved with their new solar-powered racing car design, currently codenamed ‘Bethany’.

PV And Solar Thermal Powered Hybrid Air Conditioner Unveiled

Solar powered air conditioning that doesn’t require copious volumes of water or huge arrays of solar panels has been somewhat of a holy grail for the solar industry. Recently we reported on such a solar powered air conditioning unit under development in Australia and now there’s a new player in the market – Chromasun.

Solar Hot Water Most Efficient

While an increasing amount of electricity entering the grid is being generated from renewable sources, much of it is wasted on tasks such as heating water that would be best performed by solar hot water systems installed directly on homes. In India, some cities have made it mandatory for new buildings to install solar water heating systems before they can be occupied.

Geoengineering and solar power

One of the more drastic approaches to addressing climate change has been the concept of geoengineering, in particular ejecting particles into the upper atmosphere to cool the planet. However, according to the USA’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), such a move would see reduction in electricity generation by solar farms that concentrate the suns energy using mirrors and lenses.