Renewable Energy Costs And FUD

There’s a lot at stake in the current energy status quo and for parties wishing to discredit renewable energy, the most effective way to do so during these tough financial times is to exaggerate the costs to be borne by consumers.

Solar Power For Europe – From Africa

Not so long ago, it seemed a pipe dream – to supply Europe with clean energy from solar farms in Africa. That dream inched closer t reality a couple of days ago when 12 major companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Munich to establish the DESERTEC Industrial Initiative (DII).

Off Grid Australians Feeling The Solar Pinch

For many Australians living in the bush away from the mains power grid, off grid solar power is a necessity rather than a luxury. The axing of the RRPGP rebate recently is forcing many to decrease their standard of living energy-wise; far below people in the city.

Solar Powered Advertising – Solar Cell IIM

LCD advertising displays in stores are becoming more commonplace – it’s yet another energy sucking aspect of an already electricity intensive modern way of life. However, a Korean company is working towards a solution to lessen the impact of these displays with a development called Solar Cell Ink In Motion (IIM).