Big Future For Solar Energy In Texas

Everything’s big in Texas; even the state’s power consumption is huge.The state is becoming increasingly excited over the possibility of a local solar energy industry after a recent major news conference held by state senators and representatives promoting new renewable energy bills.

Solar panels – beware of counterfeits

The solar energy gold rush is on and there’s plenty of companies looking to cash in. Some will succeed on their own merits, but some are jumping on the coat-tails of established companies by using variations on brand names. These counterfeit wares are often sold via avenues such as online auction sites.

Grid Connect Enabled Electric Car

Recently we covered a story on the solar powered recreational boat that returns electricity to the mains grid when in dry dock and fully charged. The (somewhat unfortunately named) eBox, based on a Toyota Scion body, is another form of transportation that can export electricity to the mains grid.

Energy Matters At The Brisbane Home Show

The Energy Matters Brisbane team will be in attendance at the Brisbane Home Show 2009. Energy Matters technical staff will be on hand to answer questions and provide free advice on renewable energy options, plus to arrange for no-obligation quotations and free site inspections.

The True Cost Of Electricity

Cheap electricity is something Australians have become accustomed to; but is it really cheap? There’s a slew of hidden costs that don’t show up on electricity bills, but in taxation.