Eleanor: MIT’s Solar Powered Car

Australians will be able to grab a glimpse of MIT’s newest solar powered car called Eleanor when the team participates in October’s World Solar Challenge race across Australia. The Solar Electric Vehicle team will be driving the car across the USA soon in preparation for the big event.

Solar Panel Posers Greenwashing?

Having solar panels installed makes a statement – it says the owner is concerned about the environment and doing their bit to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Or does it? Is it sometimes primarily a fashion statement or publicity stunt? Does it really matter?

Suzuki: Tree Planting Good, Renewable Energy Better

While no-one doubts the critical role that trees play in our ecosystem in relation to the cleaning up of carbon dioxide emissions, the David Suzuki Foundation has weighed in on the tree offsetting debate to question the effectiveness of such programs compared to uptake of renewables such as wind power and solar energy.

Solar Energy To Help Power Coffee Company

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, based in the USA state of Vermont, will build the state’s largest grid connected solar array on the rooftop of its distribution center in Waterbury. The construction of the 100 kW solar array is expected to begin soon and completed late this year.

Solar Batteries That Recharge Themselves

Recharging small batteries for various gadgets can be somewhat of a pain and while solar battery chargers are available, what if the charger was built into the battery itself? An enterprising individual by the name of Knut Karlsen has done just that.