Solar Batteries That Recharge Themselves

Recharging small batteries for various gadgets can be somewhat of a pain and while solar battery chargers are available, what if the charger was built into the battery itself? An enterprising individual by the name of Knut Karlsen has done just that.

Japan Announces Solar Feed In Tariffs

In an attempt to spur on uptake of renewable energy sources and stimulate a flagging economy, Japan’s government is launching a net model feed-in tariff scheme where owners of grid connected solar power systems will be paid a premium rate for surplus electricity generated.

Solar Energy Lighting Up Schools

Increasing numbers of schools around the world are taking a leadership role in renewable energy education by installing solar energy systems to help power their campuses, financed by government grants and rebates.

Australia’s Printable Solar Cells

Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources, Peter Batchelor, announced yesterday the beginning of trials to print solar cells using technology developed by the CSIRO, a partner in the Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium project.

Australia’s Largest Rooftop Solar Array

SunPower Corp. announced yesterday the completion of construction of a 305-kilowatt SunPower solar panel based system on the roof of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Alice Springs, Northern Territory. The installation is the largest rooftop solar power system in Australia currently.