Energy Matters Blasts Australia’s Anti-Home Solar Power Lobby

Smokestack Image: BigStock

In the last few days, a dirty campaign has been launched against home solar power in Australia and national solar solutions provider Energy Matters is hitting back against what it says are the coal-black lies.
According to Energy Matters co-founder Max Sylvester, the campaign began in earnest Wednesday morning in mainstream media. 
“All these stories started appearing saying solar power was to blame for electricity price hikes. These stories spilled into Thursday and today, even after the Clean Energy Council pointed out that solar is playing a very small role in price rise. The problem is Australia’s electricity infrastructure is ageing and inefficient. Necessary upgrades to that infrastructure are the major culprit. However, the truth of the issue appears to be getting in the way of a good story.”
Mr. Sylvester says he senses an orchestrated and well-organised anti-solar campaign.
“But perhaps some of these media outlets aren’t to blame – perhaps they have been led astray by some very slick spin doctors and they need to look more closely at some of their sources. For example, a major Australian news outlet yesterday quoted a think-tank that stated residential solar power was to blame for spiralling electricity costs. We looked into this organisation and found among their funding sources were multiple oil, coal and electricity companies.”
“While Energy Matters is understandably biased, at least that is clear to see – we’re in the business of solar power. However, as has been happening in the USA, increasing numbers of these so called “think-tanks” are bearing names that make them appear to be for the public good; but they are merely mouthpieces for the fossil fuel industry. Their so-called studies need to be treated with a grain of salt.”
Mr. Sylvester feels that this isn’t the worst aspect of the current anti-solar campaign.
“What we find thoroughly reprehensible is parties known and unknown (for now) attempting to make solar power system owners social pariahs. They are making it a “rich” vs. poor issue. The truth of the matter is that most small solar power system owners are not rich – they are average families trying to help the environment and shielding themselves against rising electricity costs; costs that will skyrocket with or without solar power in Australia’s energy mix.” 
“Rich people don’t lie awake at night worrying about rising electricity costs, but average Australian families do. One of the solutions they implement is the installation of a solar power system. The vast majority of home solar power systems we installed under the previous rebate system, which unlike the current Solar Credits scheme had a means test, were for households with taxable incomes of $100,000 a year or under,” says Mr. Sylvester.
“Some of these environmentally and budget conscious households are putting off other purchases in order to benefit both the country and themselves  over the long term. Through their collective efforts, they are paving the way for cheaper solar power systems – they are not pariahs, they are pioneers and should be applauded – and shame on anyone who tries to make it seem otherwise.”
Mr. Sylvester says the gloves are now off.
“Solar power isn’t just our business – it’s our passion; as it is for the thousands of people who visit our web site at each day. We will not sit idly and watch Australia’s clean energy future and a healthy, prosperous future of our children put at risk for the sake of lining of a few coal-black pockets and the pockets of those frightened of the concept of power to the people, by the people. The revolution has begun.”