Solar Panel Security Guide Released

The problem of solar panel theft has become so bad in some places in America that solar panel owners are arming themselves to try to deter thieves. To help people protect their investment, Energy Matters has released a guide with simple tips and strategies for deterring would-be thieves from making off with panels.

Solar Buyers Groups Save Big

By collaborating with friends, neighbours or work associates within a local area, a solar buyers group wields increased buying power. Through bulk ordering, members of a solar buyers group can have a residential grid connect system installed at well below market prices.

Rumour – Enter Feed In Tariffs, Exit Rebates?

We’ve heard a whisper that the Federal government will be discussing a feed in tariff at the next COAG meeting; this Thursday 2nd October. As COAG meetings don’t happen very often, it *may* be when the government announces feed in tariff plans and perhaps ceases the $8,000 rebates.

Aussies Get Green Fatigue While Villages Sink

A new survey from the Lowy Institute suggests the importance to Australians of tackling climate change may be losing some of urgency. This year, the economy appears to be on people’s minds the most and climate change has slipped from first to the fifth most important issue.

Half Price Solar Power Coming Soon-ish?

Researchers at Australian National University Centre for Solar Energy Systems have unveiled new solar panel technology that they believe will greatly reduce the cost of solar power systems, provide greater shade tolerance and allow for the simultaneous heating of water .