Wong releases detailed emissions trading timetable

Federal Climate Change Minister Penny Wong has announced the Australian Government’s detailed timetable for introduction of emissions trading. “The introduction of emissions trading will constitute the most significant economic and structural reform undertaken in Australia since the trade liberalisation of the 1980s,” Senator Wong says. “The Rudd Government will take a careful and methodical approach […]

Key challenges: energy security and climate change

Federal Energy Minister Martin Ferguson says there is no doubt the two major themes of energy policy for the next few years are energy security and climate change. “Responding meaningfully and effectively to climate change while maintaining adequate, reliable and affordable energy remains a key challenge for the Government and the energy sector,” says Ferguson. […]

Mandatory caps on CO2 to stimulate the carbon capture technology

The US Government needs mandatory caps on CO2 to stimulate the deployment of carbon capture and storage technology, according to the US Senate Energy Committee Chair. Even though the US power sector and government are looking into CCS technologies, the policy to stimulate deployment needs work, Senator Jeff Bingaman said. “The first and most important […]

NZ absolutely delighted that Australia has ratified Kyoto

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and visiting New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark have outlined a joint effort between their countries directed at climate change. “On climate change, the fact that both Australia and New Zealand now are full ratification states in relation to the Kyoto Protocol means that we have an unprecedented opportunity to work […]

End of solar rebates?

The Federal Government is reviewing all its climate change related spending programs, worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The Government is assessing whether they will be needed after Australia has established an emissions trading scheme. The aim of the review, according to Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner, is to assess whether the existing patchwork of schemes […]

Australia to meet Kyoto Protocol target

An increase in renewable energy generation will ensure that Australia complies with its Kyoto Protocol target, the Federal Government has announced. The Department of Climate Change published a report revising the country’s projected greenhouse gas emissions, taking into account planned measures by the Labor government. Climate Change Minister Penny Wong said the analysis shows Australia […]

Australian government commits to long term emission reductions

Climate Change Minister Penny Wong has reiterated the Government’s commitment to a long term target as Professor Ross Garnaut released his interim report in the lead up to the introduction of an emissions trading scheme. “Garnaut’s report, his interim report and his final report are an enormously valuable contribution to government policy,” said Wong. “In […]

Regulation of carbon trading to go to new independant body

Regulation of the carbon market should be taken out of the hands of UN bureaucrats and transferred to a new independent body drawn from central banks and stock exchanges, according to an influential group of legislators. The proposal was among several affecting the carbon market floated at a meeting in Brasilia of the Globe (Global […]

Vic to build worlds largest photovoltaic solar power station

The world’s largest photovoltaic solar power station will be built in northern Victoria, after a decision by TRUenergy to invest $290 million in renewable energy company Solar Systems to build the 154 MW solar power station. Construction is due to begin in 2009, once the site has been finalised. The investment by TRUenergy follows on […]

Carbon Market to be worth $100 billion dollars

The global carbon market will be worth €63 billion (A$100 billion) this year, while traded volume will amount to 4.2 billion tonnes of CO2-e, up 56% on 2007, according to a report compiled by Point Carbon. Outlook for 2008 reported that the market for allowances in the EU ETS will be worth around €46 billion […]