NSW Greens energy policy: PowerNSW, a public renewable electricity company

Greens want publicly owned renewable electricity.

The NSW Greens energy policy aims to transform the state’s electricity market with a publicly-owned renewable electricity supplier and retailer called PowerNSW.

The 100 per cent renewables supplier would build, distribute and also retail affordable electricity for New South Wales residents. The Greens also wants to create regional renewable energy hubs across the state.

PowerNSW would build a totally renewable energy supply for NSW by 2030. The company would commission one gigawatt of cheap, green, reliable energy every year.

Publicly owned renewable electricity: Regional hubs

A $5 billion Regional Clean Infrastructure Investment would fund four regional renewable hubs in the Murray-Riverina, Northern NSW Tablelands, Central West NSW and Broken Hill.

Greens want publicly owned renewable electricity.

The Greens launch renewable energy policy ahead of the March 23 election in NSW.

The hubs would see targeted investment in new network capacity. This would then deliver renewable energy to the grid and create jobs in regional NSW communities.

According to NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge, PowerNSW would be a game-changer in the retail energy market. It would provide a growing pool of publicly-owned renewable electricity assets state-wide.

The company will also provide the cheapest and greenest electricity possible – 100 per cent reliable, renewable and affordable, Shoebridge says.

NSW Greens energy policy: PowerNSW to slash bills

NSW consumers will then save on average more than $200 a year. PowerNSW will save money by stripping out corporate profits and advertising.

The NSW Liberal and Labor parties are also promising a big solar roll-out if they win the state election on March 23.

The Labor Opposition also recently announced a solar rebates program of up to $2,200 for each of 500,000 households.

Meanwhile, the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government says it will help up to 300,000 households cut power bills using no-interest loans to buy solar panel and battery storage systems.

Under the government’s plan, households could save up to $285 per year on $500 quarterly electricity bills. Savings then rise to more than $2,000 once the loan is repaid.

Broader Greens policy to boost renewable energy

Other details of the Greens policy include:

  • $15 million allocated to establish PowerNSW.
  • Strategic investment in new clean energy projects, strengthening the grid and large-scale energy storage projects.
  • Competitive tenders for construction of low-cost energy projects including wind and solar power.
  • Creation of up to 4,000 new long-term jobs for NSW workers to ease transition away from ageing coal-fired power stations.