QLD: Disposing of Solar Panels in Landfills Likely to be Banned, Recycled Instead

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The Queensland government in Australia is considering a ban on dumping solar panels in landfills. This move comes as the state is witnessing a rise in electronic waste generated, including solar panels.

Australia has been one of the leaders in the world in terms of solar energy adoption. However, the rise in the use of solar panels has led to an increase in the number of panels that need to be disposed of. As solar panels contain toxic substances like lead, cadmium, and chromium, improper disposal of these solar panels can have serious environmental consequences.

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Environment Minister Meaghan Scanlon released a draft e-Products plan on Clean Up Australia Day that targets electronic waste in Queensland, such as solar panels and batteries.

The draft e-Products action plan could ban the disposal of solar panels and battery storage in landfills within ten years.

The state’s Environment Minister, Meaghan Scanlon, has said that the proposed ban would make Queensland the first state in Australia to take such a step. “The purpose of the project is to help us understand the best way to encourage and incentivise higher quality recovery opportunities to deliver great outcomes, with an initial key focus on regional Queensland.

“We know that like other forms of e-waste, there is huge potential for parts to be recycled and in some instances repaired instead of ending up in landfill.

“We’ve seen industry is keen to get involved, now it’s just a case of how – which is where the pilot led by the Smart Energy Council and Activ Group comes in,” she said.

The pilot builds on the $1.1 billion Recycling and Jobs Fund and broader efforts by the Palaszczuk government to establish a recycling industry in Queensland and divert 80% of waste from landfills by 2030.

Queensland’s proposed ban on dumping solar panels and even batteries in landfills would mean that these panels would have to be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. This move would not only prevent toxic chemicals from entering the environment but also create job opportunities in the recycling sector.

QLD government vision like create new jobs

Queensland government’s vision: Our vision is for sustainable resource recovery industries that provide measurable economic and environmental benefits to the Queensland economy, create new jobs, provide upskilling opportunities for the workforce, and build capacity and new markets in regional areas of Queensland.

In partnership with Smart Energy Council (SEC)

The Palaszczuk Government will initially invest over $250,000 to pilot an industry-led Solar Stewardship Plan headed by the Smart Energy Council (SEC) in partnership with the trial.

“The Smart Energy Council is proud to be partnering with the Queensland Government in an industry-led Solar Stewardship Scheme trial,” Smart Energy Council Acting Chief Executive Wayne Smith said.

“The Smart Energy Council will establish a Solar Stewardship Scheme Consultative Committee, including solar PV manufacturers, distributors, retailers, installers and certificate traders; recycling companies; regulators; local councils and Queensland Government representatives.

“Queensland is not only the sunshine state, but it’s also the solar state and soon it will be the solar recycling state.”

Queensland's draft E-Products Action Plan

Queensland's draft E-Products Action Plan

Improving e-waste management in Queensland is a priority of the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy. A draft E-Products Action Plan has been developed to deliver this priority.

Queensland’s draft E-Products Action Plan is a comprehensive strategy to address the growing problem of electronic waste in the state. The plan outlines a series of initiatives and policies to encourage the responsible disposal of electronic products, including mobile phones, computers, and televisions. It also proposes to increase the lifespan of electronic products through repair and refurbishment, as well as promote the use of sustainable materials in their production. The plan has been welcomed by environmental groups and industry stakeholders, who recognise the urgent need to address the mounting problem of electronic waste in Queensland.

The draft e-Products plan, co-designed with the eWaste Watch Institute, also includes actions to increase product stewardship, recycling, and repairing electronic waste through initiatives like repair cafes.

On the draft action plan available the members of the public, industry and business representatives can now voice their opinions.

Feedback on the draft E-Products Action Plan is being sought via email by 5.00 pm Monday 17 April 2023 to eproductsfeedback@des.qld.gov.au.

Is your roof waiting for solar?

Not only helping to reduce waste but also promoting renewable energy sources

The Queensland government’s draft drive aims to make it easier and more affordable for people to install solar panels. They are doing this by introducing a range of measures, including rebates and incentives. These measures will help to reduce the upfront costs associated with installing solar panels and make them more accessible to everyone.

In addition to reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, solar panels can also help to reduce waste. This is because solar panels have a long lifespan and can be recycled at the end of their useful life. By encouraging more people to install solar panels, the Queensland government hopes to reduce the amount of waste in landfills.

The Queensland government’s draft drive to recycle and reduce landfill is a significant step towards a more sustainable future. By focusing on measures like solar panels, they are not only helping to reduce waste but also promoting the use of renewable energy sources. This will help to reduce carbon emissions and create a more sustainable future for everyone. With the support of the government and the community, it is hoped that more people will adopt solar panels and help to create a more sustainable future for Queensland and beyond.

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Images&Sources: Queensland Government’s websites, Meaghan Scanlon MP Twitter

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