Queensland’s solar energy tariffs: making the most of the Sunshine State

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Queensland feed-in tariffs are some of Australia’s best, and the state has the highest solar panel installation rate in Australia.

According to the Clean Energy Australia 2018 report, Queensland is leading Australia’s rooftop solar boom with eight of the country’s Top 10 postcodes for installations.

The effectiveness of solar was demonstrated by a heatwave in Queensland from 12-16 February 2018. Rooftop solar installed across the state provided between 400 MW and 585 MW per day to help meet a record thirst for energy.

Queensland Feed-in tariffs: a return on solar investment

Feed-in tariffs are a way of reducing your electricity bills by getting paid for the excess solar energy you export to the main grid from your solar panels.

Queensland feed-in tariffs

The rapid growth of solar installations in Queensland is creating competition for Feed-in-Tariffs among electricity retailers

The feed-in tariffs offered by south-east Queensland electricity retailers are currently:

  • AGL: Solar Saver scheme: 20c/kWh; standard 10.6c/kWh
  • EnergyAustralia: 16.1c/kWh
  • Origin: Solar Boost scheme: 20c/kWh; Southern Qld 10.1c/kWh; standard 7c/kWh
  • Diamond: 12c/kWh

These may change from time to time, so contact retailers for the latest rates. You should also talk to your solar installation company about the best solar panel system for your situation.

Checking the small print

While you might think that 20c/kWh is too good an opportunity to miss, you need to meet certain criteria to get that top return.

In the case of AGL’s Solar Saver scheme, you don’t get a choice of electricity plans. This means you then pay more for the electricity you use from the grid. Do the sums to make sure your solar usage and export capacity brings you out on top financially.

With Origin’s Solar Boost scheme you have to buy your solar system from them. This is not so convenient if you want to source it elsewhere more cheaply.

Support for Queensland solar panel installations

The good news for Queenslanders who want to install a new solar power system is that the federal government support scheme will operate until 2030.

Under the Renewable Energy Target scheme, new solar installations attract small-scale technology certificates (STCs). They are a kind of upfront discount on your home solar installation cost.

If you would like to know how much the cost of your installation will be reduced by STCs, visit Energy Matters’ STC page.

Solar panels systems and home batteries can be a great investment. All you need is the right advice, and the right installer.