SA Liberal scheme promises household solar battery subsidy

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The Liberal Party in South Australia has promised a home solar power battery storage subsidy scheme to 40,000 homes if elected.

This should interest households in South Australia that would like to edge closer to achieving the dream of ‘free electricity’.

The ‘Liberal Energy Solution’ aims to provide affordable, secure and reliable energy. State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall says this will include more reliable renewables and more affordable electricity overall. The plan also aims to empower SA residents by encouraging investment in solar power.

The Libs claim the scheme is a response to current policy, which has delivered high-cost, low-reliability power.

Features and goals of the Liberal plan

  • A $200m inter-connection fund, with the first priority being improved connection between SA and NSW.
  • Improved reliability of supply and opportunities to export renewable energy.
  • A means-tested $100m household storage subsidy scheme to assist householders to install solar battery systems.
  • Removal of the state-based renewable energy target in favour of a national policy.
  • Scrapping of the state-owned power plant at Elizabeth and Lonsdale after 2019.
  • Reduced spending on standby generators in favour of home-based initiatives.
  • A promise to work with AEMO and AEMC on balancing supply and demand.
Rooftop solar panels

SA Libs energy plan encourages household investment in solar power. Image: Pixabay

The home solar battery scheme

The proposed household storage subsidy scheme would provide means-tested grants to 40,000 homes.

The grants would average $2,500 each, and are designed to assist low-income households to install storage systems such as solar batteries. They will be available to households that already have solar PV systems in place.

This move is designed to encourage people to invest in solar. It also aims to take some pressure off the grid and reduce power bills.

The act of rewarding consumers in this way is in line with Recommendation 6.6 of the Finkel Review.

Making solar power more affordable

A recent poll found nearly three-quarters of Australians see battery systems as key to affordable, reliable energy.

Sixty-eight per cent of people with solar panels already installed also said they would consider adding battery storage to their systems.

Storage subsidy schemes such as the ‘Liberal Energy Solution’ should go a considerable way towards making solar storage systems more affordable for many Australian households.