Should renewable energy really be a priority for businesses?

There are many challenges facing business in 2021, including the ongoing impacts of COVID-19. So should adopting renewable energy sources like solar really be a priority right now? The short answer is yes. Transitioning to solar power is not a challenge at all, in fact, it could be the answer to a lot of your current challenges. Here’s why.

Electricity consumption is a significant expense for businesses

Mounting electricity bills in Australia are a huge burden for businesses of all sizes. For smaller companies, the cost of keeping the lights on is one of the biggest expenses and it is only getting more and more expensive to be connected to the mains grid for energy. Larger businesses feel the pinch as well, especially industrial and manufacturing operations that operate machinery around the clock and office and retail operations that require lighting, computers and more.

Business electricity costs have increased by almost 60 per cent since 2003, which is why many are turning to solar power to reduce these expenses. Even a small 5kW system will save you around $500 off your quarterly bills, so it makes economic sense to turn to solar.

Those with more space for panels can drive their bill down even further, even becoming fully self-sustaining through the use of battery storage devices.

Consumers want to support eco-friendly businesses

Research has shown that almost 90 per cent of consumers want brands and businesses to show that they are making efforts to be sustainable. You could be disappointing the majority of your target audience if you are not engaging in environmentally-friendly efforts.

Here in Australia research has shown that 85 per cent of consumers want their brands and businesses to be more transparent about their greener efforts, while 90 per cent are more likely to purchase ethical and sustainable products.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are, solar panels on your roof is a simple and effective flag to show consumers that you are making a difference. Meanwhile, you can incorporate eco-friendly and recyclable packaging, and make your marketing campaigns driven around your ‘greener’ touch.

Make use of rebates and discounts

You can source our multiple State and Federal Government rebates and discounts to reduce the cost of installing solar systems at your premises, in many cases, you can get these done for free. For example, solar panels in Melbourne are backed by a plethora of incentives offered up by the State Government.

On top of that, there is the Instant Asset Write-Off scheme which can be used to pay for solar installations and have it returned to you at tax time. Explore these options, find the most reputable and affordable installation company in your area and you will be ready to enjoy cheaper bills and a booming customer base.

Victorian solar homes - The Victorian Government's Solar Homes rebate means more Victorians can now afford to install solar panels.

The Victorian Government’s Solar Homes rebate means more Victorians can now afford to install solar panels.