Solar Energy Stocks in Australia Crash As SolarEdge Warns of European Demand Slowdown

Solar Energy Stocks

Solar stocks have been on a rollercoaster ride recently, with shares of SolarEdge Technologies Inc. plummeting almost 30% after the company issued a demand warning. This warning has not only impacted SolarEdge but has also sent shockwaves through the entire renewable energy sector, making it a challenging year for solar investors. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this significant drop in solar stocks, the implications for the renewable energy industry, and the response from major players like SolarEdge, Enphase Energy Inc., and FirstSolar Inc.

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SolarEdge Technologies Inc. reports third quarter 2023 results: The warning and downgrade

SolarEdge Technologies Inc. is a renowned company that designs, develops, and sells direct current (DC) optimised inverter systems for solar photovoltaic (PV) installations and energy storage solutions across the globe. The company operates in two segments, solar and all other, and is publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol SEDG.

On October 2023, SolarEdge announced that demand for its products in Europe had substantially weakened. This unsettling revelation led to a drastic fall in the company’s stock price, with shares dropping by a staggering 28.2% in a single trading day. As a result of this significant decline, the company also cut its earnings guidance, further contributing to the negative sentiment surrounding the stock.


For the fourth quarter of 2023, SolarEdge expects revenues to be in the range of $625 million to $675 million. The company also expects GAAP gross margin to be in the range of 20% to 22% and non-GAAP gross margin to be in the range of 21% to 23%.

Management commentary

Zvi Lando, Chief Executive Officer of SolarEdge, commented on the results:

“The results for the third quarter fell short of our prior expectations and are reflecting a slow market environment, which has resulted in high inventory of our products in the distribution channels, in particular in Europe. While channel inventory clearing is expected to continue in coming quarters, we are optimistic about the future of the solar PV industry and are confident that our leading technology, global presence and broad product offering will enable us to continue to be a leader in this market.”

Causes of the warning

The warning from SolarEdge cited multiple factors contributing to the weakened demand in Europe. CEO Zvi Lando stated that the company faced “substantial unexpected cancellations and pushouts” of existing backlogs from European distributors. These cancellations and delays were attributed to two main issues:

High inventories: The company’s distributors in Europe were reportedly grappling with high inventory levels, which made it challenging for them to commit to new orders. High inventories can indicate a saturation of the market or reduced consumer interest, causing solar installations to slow down.

Slow installation rates: Surprisingly, the third quarter, which traditionally sees a rise in solar installation rates, witnessed slower installation rates. Lando explained that this slowdown occurred at the end of the summer and in September when installation rates typically peak.

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solar stocks australia

Implications for the renewable energy sector

The significant drop in SolarEdge’s solar stock and its warning have broader implications for the renewable energy sector. It highlights the vulnerability of renewable energy stocks to market fluctuations and external factors, such as economic conditions and consumer demand.

Furthermore, it is a reminder that the renewable energy sector is still susceptible to economic cycles and can be impacted by various factors that affect investor sentiment. As governments and industries worldwide are making concerted efforts to transition to clean energy sources, any instability in the renewable energy market can have far-reaching consequences.

Other solar stocks are affected

SolarEdge was not the only solar company affected by the warning. Enphase Energy Inc., a company specialising in home energy solutions for the solar photovoltaic industry, saw its shares drop by almost 14% to $100.27 in early trading. FirstSolar Inc., a provider of photovoltaic solar energy solutions, also experienced a 2% decrease in its stock price.

solar stocks australia

What to do if you own solar stocks

If you own solar stocks, it is important to be patient and to stay invested for the long term. The solar industry is still in its early stages of growth, and there are several long-term trends favourable to the sector, such as the increasing adoption of renewable energy and the declining cost of solar panels.

However, it is also important to be realistic about the challenges facing the solar industry in the short term. The recent weakness in solar stocks is a reminder that the sector is not immune to the broader economic environment.

If you are concerned about the short-term prospects for solar stocks, consider reducing your exposure to the sector. Consider investing in diversified exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that track the broader stock market.

The recent tumble of solar stocks, especially SolarEdge, following a demand warning in Europe, is a stark reminder of the volatility within the renewable energy sector. Solar companies must remain vigilant and adaptive to navigate through challenging market conditions.

As renewable energy continues to play a crucial role in addressing climate change and transitioning to sustainable power sources, it is essential to keep a close eye on developments within the industry. While this setback may dampen short-term sentiment, the long-term prospects for solar and renewable energy remain promising, as the world’s commitment to clean energy remains unwavering.

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