How solar storage batteries improve life while slashing electricity bills

Solar home battery trial a successThis solar home battery trial was a success

According to a home battery storage trial, solar storage batteries enhance your lifestyle while slashing electricity bills, and they can  even improve your health.

That’s according to a trial by Cyber Shack blogger Charlie Brown. Charlie installed a 7.2 kW solar panel system with a home battery storage solution and tested it over a three-month period. The results for his Sydney home’s power use exceeded his expectations in terms of cost, stress reduction and lifestyle benefits.

Charlie noted five key benefits were noted in terms of performance and lifestyle.

1. Continuous power supply in blackouts

During grid blackouts, the solar system didn’t even blink. Home Battery technology ensured continuous energy during outages and grid failure.

“There is no such thing as a blackout with backup-enabled storage solutions,” Charlie claims.

2. Goodbye flickering LED lights

The low-power LED lights Charlie installed in his backyard office flickered at various times of the day. However, the solar power system solved this problem by ensuring smooth power delivery.

Solar storage batteries trial shows savings

Home battery storage opens up a range of possibilities on cost and energy savings.

3. Hello overnight air-conditioning

The house has a ducted climate control system which uses a 5 kW inverter. This was proving costly to run. Following installation of the solar batteries, however, the system can run all night at no cost. Charlie discovered that a 100 per cent charge at 6pm powered the system right through until morning.

4. Reduced hot water cost

The home’s hot water system uses heat pump technology. The new solar power system now runs what is basically a reverse air-conditioner to heat water. It’s fast, efficient, and provides effectively free hot water after the initial cost.

5. All-round expectations exceeded

Because Charlie did his research, he knew he would still be buying some of his electricity from the grid.

However, money earned from selling power back to the grid has turned out to be far higher than expected. In fact, he’s expecting a credit on his next power bill even after his grid connection fee is deducted.

What are the health benefits of solar storage batteries?

  • Continuous power during blackouts means reduced risk of accident, spoiled refrigerator food and loss of earnings.
  • No more flickering lights means reduced eye strain and headaches.
  • Free overnight air-conditioning means plentiful and restful sleep over summer.
  • Free hot water means more opportunity for relaxing showers and bathing.
  • Cheaper power bills frees up funds for sport, holidays and healthy pursuits.

The cost of Charlie’s install was $27,000 with an annual power bill of $4,000 and annual power credits of $300. (Note: other more affordable options are available.)