Test drive an EV at Melbourne’s Electric Vehicle Expo

Electric Vehicle Expo staged in Melbourne by the Alternative Technology Association.Alternative Technology Association.

Melbourne’s Electric Vehicle Expo is an opportunity for drivers who’ve never driven an electric car to get behind the wheel of an EV.

You can get the ‘EV grin’ by test driving EVs, scooters and bikes at the 2018 expo in Port Melbourne on February 18.

Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Renault’s Zoe or Kangoo models are among the cars available for  test-drive on a safe, closed-circuit track.

In fact, everything from skateboards to electric assist mountain bikes can be taken for a test spin on the day.

EV competitions, displays, talks and exhibitions will also feature at the Port Melbourne venue between 9am and 4.30pm.

Electric Vehicle Expo heralds transport revolution

The transport revolution features more than cars. Many smaller electric vehicles can also be tested at the expo including:

  • High performance stealth scooters
  • Electric bicycles tailored to Australian conditions
  • Racing bikes, load bikes and rickshaws
  • The world’s first roto-moulded velomobile
The Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is one of the cars you can test drive at the Electric Vehicle Expo.

Because some EVs are more challenging than others, they need to be demonstrated rather than visitor-tested. This includes:

  • High voltage electric karts
  • The high-end solar-powered electric car that crossed the Australian continent
  • EV Power go-kart

The expo, now in its fifth year, is staged by the Melbourne Electric Vehicle Branch of the Alternative Technology Association (ATA).

What the Electric Vehicle Expo is all about

The goals of the expo include:

  • Showing the range of EVs available in Australia today
  • Demonstrating the true EV capability
  • Giving visitors an opportunity to see, touch and drive a range of latest-model EVs
  • Enabling consumers to engage directly with EV businesses
  • Sharing global trends in the EV market
  • Encouraging networking among EV professionals
Eva Hakansson, the world’s fastest woman on a motorcycle, who will be speaking at the EV Expo. Here she is with KillaJoule, the electric vehicle she rode to break the speed record. Photo: John Baechtel

Eva Hakansson, the world’s fastest woman on a motorcycle, who will be speaking at the Expo. Here she is with KillaJoule, the electric vehicle in which she broke the speed record. Photo: John Baechtel

Meanwhile, electric vehicles are becoming more viable for Australian drivers in terms of cost, range and reliability.

Current EV models generally have sufficient range as most Australian car trips fall under 120 km.

And householders with solar panels and home battery storage are in a great position to save even more money. They can power up their EVs using electricity from their solar powered batteries overnight.

Although electric vehicles cost more to buy, they also cost significantly less to run. According to the Electric Vehicle Council, a fuel-powered car costs more than four times as much to run as an EV.