10 Million SolarEdge Power Optimizers Shipped

SolarEdge Power Optimizer

The SolarEdge Power Optimizer is a little box achieving big things in the world of solar energy.

The Power Optimizer is a small device attached to the back of a solar panel that works in tandem with an inverter to address some of the issues with conventional solar inverters; enabling maximum energy harvesting.

The device continually tracks the maximum power point (MPPT) and monitors the performance of each panel in a solar power system, communicating performance data to the user-friendly online SolarEdge monitoring portal. Power Optimizers are compatible with any solar inverter and are optimized for use with SolarEdge inverters.

The SolarEdge Power Optimizer has been hugely successful, with 10 million units shipped to more than 90 countries.

SolarEdge says the impressive tally was reached 10 years after its founding and after only 6 years of commercial shipments; with nearly half of the 10 million total shipped last year.

“We founded the company with a vision that every solar panel would have smart electronics, and we are on our way to fulfilling this,” stated Guy Sella, CEO, Co-Founder, and Chairman of SolarEdge.

“SolarEdge’s commitment to offering solutions that provide value at competitive prices is what has allowed us to become an industry leader.”

To celebrate the ten-million milestone, the company is labeling 10 prize-winning power optimizers that will be distributed among its global shipments. Each recipient of these special optimizers, all signed by the company’s founders, will be entitled to USD $10,000 cash or EUR 9,000 (around AUD $14,000 at current exchange rates).

SolarEdge has enjoyed a surge of interest recently in Australia as its StorEdge suite of components are compatible with the Tesla Powerwall battery.

The only Tesla Powerwall compatible solution currently available in Australia, the full StorEdge system consists of power optimizers, inverter, a modbus meter, StorEdge interface and a cloud-based monitoring platform.

SolarEdge StorEdge - Tesla Powerwall

The StorEdge suite can work with any solar panels and does not require an energy storage unit installed in order to gain benefit from SolarEdge’s technology.

Since commencing commercial shipments in 2010, SolarEdge has shipped approximately 2.1 gigawatts of its DC-optimized inverter systems


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