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Solaria launches Pure Black™ panels on the Australian market

Solaria is proud to introduce its Pure Black™ solar panels to deliver beauty, power and performance to homeowners in Australia. 

When Solaria launched over 20 years ago, the leadership team didn’t presume to imagine a future where in 2020, they would be producing a 365-watt solar panel that looks like a beautiful sheet of black glass and be so economical that systems using it saved money for homeowners.

That said, don’t bet against the forward march of technology, especially solar power, and in addition, when you have a team like Solaria’s with decades of experience advancing the state-of-the-art in solar.


Using technology innovation for a cleaner future

At present, the world is facing enormous economic, scientific and societal challenges; chief among them is climate change.  However, with advancements in clean energy technology and accelerated clean energy adoption, the team is optimistic about the vital role that wider solar deployment will play in combatting climate change and ensuring a cleaner, safer, healthier and more secure planet for all.   With this in mind, Solaria continues to design and develop technology innovations in clean energy – doing its part to make the world a better place.

Founder and Director Suvi Sharma says the company is focused on making the best solar panel on the market, as consumers take a broader view of solar energy.

“Every day, we hear from homeowners who want to secure resiliency in the face of power supply interruptions caused by the adverse impacts of climate change,” says Sharma.

“Making a difference doesn’t reduce the importance of other factors. Our homes are almost always our most valuable asset. Paying attention to how they look matters, so solar systems designed from the beginning to look good matters”.

“Solaria solar systems are designed to complement and enhance a home’s appearance – and boost its value.”


High-performance solar systems pave the way for on-demand renewable energy

And then there’s performance. The more power a roof generates, the more options consumers have.  Solaria’s PowerXT 365W panel is exceptional in that it packs more power into each solar panel, the performance is further enhanced through the company’s shade-resistant technology.

Customers installing solar systems can also add storage, enabling them to consume clean electricity at night – the battery-stored power that they’ve generated during the day.  And, they can use their array to charge electric cars.  In many cases, they can eliminate their utility bills entirely.

Solaria has been focused on redefining residential solar with breakthrough technology and products.  Their patented cell design, superior panel architecture and innovative assembly techniques means that PowerXT® panels significantly boost power generation, provide outstanding performance and superior economics.

The PowerXT® 365W has greater than 20 per cent efficiency, a sleek Pure Black design with no visible circuitry, and proven reliability backed by a comprehensive 25-year warranty on power and product. It reduces installation time and cost by generating more power from fewer panels.  The high-power density of the PowerXT panels maximise power and energy yield on homeowner roofs, and patented shade-resistant technology keeps Solaria PowerXT panels performing beyond when other panels have ceased generating power.

Designed and engineered in the United States, Solaria panels are manufactured in South Korea. These systems are available through solar distributors across Australia and New Zealand.  To see where your local stockist is located, head here.

Solaria is doing its utmost to ensure a cleaner, brighter energy future by spurring the continued rapid deployment of clean, efficient and yes, beautiful solar.  Savvy installers and customers demand the best – another reason why they deploy Solaria products.

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