SunEdison’s Latest Solar Projects – Utah And New York State

SunEdison - Utah and New York

Last week SunEdison announced a number of utility scale solar projects in Utah and New York State.

On Friday, the solar giant said it had signed agreements with five municipalities on Long Island to build seven solar power plants totaling 14 megawatts capacity.

The facilities will generate enough electricity to power  more than 1,100 homes. All the output of the power plants will be sold to the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) under various 20 year power purchase agreements (solar PPA’s).

The projects were awarded under the LIPA 100 MW Clean Solar Initiative Feed-in Tariff program.

“LIPA’s Clean Solar Initiative program allows communities to benefit from locally generated solar energy, enabling them to better control energy costs,” said SunEdison’s managing director of Eastern USA distributed generation, Steve Raeder, “This program has been extremely successful and we look forward to developing more projects in Long Island.”

SunEdison says the Long Island projects will  also create an estimated 100 jobs the area.

Earlier last week, SunEdison announced completion and interconnection of the 3.8MW South Milford solar facility in Milford, Utah – the largest operating solar power plant in the state.

Also under a power purchase agreement, the Milford facility will generate enough electricity to service more than 500 homes and avoid more than 5,400 tonnes of carbon emissions a year.

SunEdison Executive Vice President of Americas and EMEA, Paul Gaynor, said the Milford plant is the first of many projects the company will execute in Utah. SunEdison has more than 700MW of capacity planned for delivery over the next year and a half.

May was another massive month for SunEdison in terms of new projects and acquisitions. The company was awarded a contract to build 33 megawatts of rooftop solar in California and also signed an agreement with the County of Alameda to install 3MW of solar capacity. In early May, SunEdison was awarded an 86 megawatt solar photovoltaic project in South Africa. It also acquired seven renewable energy portfolios and corporate platforms In Brazil, China, India, Peru, Chile, South Africa, and Uruguay.

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