Top five things you should look for when shopping for solar panels

Are you looking to install solar panels at your home or business? Congratulations, you are making a decision that will have excellent outcomes for the environment and your hip pocket. The world is rapidly transitioning towards renewable energy, which is the cheapest form of power on the planet.

It can be a confusing process, though, and you want to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. Here are our tips to prepare for this transition.

What size of solar system does your house require?

Two elements need to be assessed here – how much electricity your household uses, and how much space you have available for panels.

You can use a device like the Powerpal Smart Energy Monitor to get a real-time feed of how you are using power to develop efficiencies. Once you have a figure on your energy needs, ask for an estimate on the size of system that will suit your roof. This will determine the size in kW that you will need from a solar system.

How much will it cost? 

You need to stay within your budget when choosing the right solution for you, but don’t look for the cheapest possible option. If a system seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Unfortunately, many shoddy manufacturers and companies are trying to sell inferior solutions that will not be as efficient or as long-lasting as genuine options. It is a buyers’ market right now, as the cost of these systems is plummeting – so there is no need to go looking for a bargain-basement purchase that will only let you down.

What is its efficiency rate? 

This is how effective your setup will be at converting sunlight into electricity. The higher the number, the better. Technologies have advanced considerably in recent years – don’t settle for anything below 25 per cent efficiency.

How legitimate is the installation company? 

Whenever anything becomes popular and sells well, there will be unscrupulous operators who are out to make a quick dollar. Unfortunately, this has been the case with installations for renewable energy, and there are cowboys operators out there trying to cash in.

An unqualified installer could pose a significant risk to you and your family. Faulty wiring can cause fires or electric shock, while panels not mounted correctly can fall and become damaged or cause injury. Always ensure your installer has the proper licence, training and insurance before hiring them. When you contact us, this is all taken care of for you.

Speak to the experts 

If you want to cut through the confusion, the team at Energy Matters can help. We can connect you to the best solar panels from the most reputable suppliers in your local area with the proper accreditations. We can also help you find the best rebates in your state or territory to reduce the initial costs even further.

Contact us today toll-free on 1800 EMATTERS. Get a quick quote, or email our friendly team for expert, obligation-free advice.