Vic Government appoints expert panel to advise on emission reduction

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Victorian Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio yesterday announced the appointment of several climate experts to an energy policy advisory panel. The Independent Expert Panel will provide advice to the Andrews Government on the best ways it can achieve its emission reduction targets.

“We are harnessing the best expert advice to fight climate change, drive innovation and boost investment in clean energy technologies in Victoria,” Ms D’Ambrosio said in a press release.

The panel’s members have combined expertise in the areas of climate science and low-emissions technology. As part of their duties they will consider the economic, social and environmental impact of Victoria’s climate policies.

The Garden State of Victoria has committed to emission reduction and renewables targets.

The Garden State of Victoria has committed to emission reduction and renewables targets. Image: Pixabay

Victoria’s emission reduction and renewable energy targets

The Victorian Government has committed to interim emissions reduction targets of 15-20% (below 2005 levels) by 2020. Its long-term plan is to achieve zero net emissions by 2050.

The commitment includes renewable energy generation targets of 25% by 2050, and 40% by 2025, through its $146m Renewable Energy Action Plan.

The renewable energy plan aims to deliver more renewables and more affordable and reliable energy overall for the Garden State. The plan includes $48 million for renewable energy certificate purchases and nearly $16 million for solar and battery micro-grid initiatives. It will also involve establishing three community hubs to provide expertise and services on renewables.

The Andrews Government is involved in the purchasing of renewable energy certificates from new Victorian renewables and solar power programs. The aim of this is to encourage investment in wind and solar energy farms.

Contracts have been signed with successful solar tenderers. These include the 100MW Bannerton Solar Park at Robinvale and the 38MW Numurkah Solar Farm near Shepparton.

Energy plan to improve confidence and certainty

The government’s energy plan helps to provide greater energy certainty and to increase investor confidence. It should also generate thousands of jobs in the energy sector.

Households and businesses can expect to save on energy costs as a result of the plan. This includes $30 p.a. for households, $2,500 for medium-sized businesses and $140,000 for large companies.

Earlier this year the Energy Minister said the action plan will “help us deliver affordable, sustainable and reliable energy for Victoria”.

The Andrews Government’s commitment to renewables should be welcome news for Victorians hoping to invest in rooftop solar panels and solar storage batteries or in large-scale renewable projects.