How will the end of NSW's gross feed in tariff affect you?

If you're a New South Wales Solar Bonus Scheme participant; you may be in for a nasty shock this year. Your solar feed in tariff rate has been dramatically reduced from January 1, 2017!

NSW Solar Bonus Scheme Feed In Tariff Calculator

Use this NSW feed in tariff calculator to determine the financial impact if you take no action and click here to learn more about what you can do to avoid the situation. You should act now!

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  • Annual solar production: kWh
  • Total annual electricity Consumption: kWh
  • Net annual electricity consumption: kWh
  • Net solar export: kWh



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If you do nothing, your bill could increase by: $!





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Read our comprehensive NSW feed in tariff guide for some suggested important steps to take or call our friendly team on 1300 NSWFIT for expert and personalised advice.


The energy savings figures produced by this calculator are generated by applying typical seasonality and hourly consumption factors to average consumption information or figures that you have provided. System generation figures relate to the performance of the size of the system specified in ideal conditions and are based on a 15 year data yield average that will vary with annual weather patterns.

All figures produced by this calculator are estimates only and as such are not guaranteed. Each installation will require assessment and your actual savings (if any), electricity generation and use will depend on your own circumstances (which may vary over time). This being the case, your outcome is likely to be different to any figures shown.

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