National Solar School Program grant information

PLEASE NOTE: The final round of the National Solar Schools Program (NSSP) grant is now closed – however, solar is now more affordable than ever! If you would like to switch your school to solar;  register your interest with us now!

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Australian schools can harness the power of the sun in meeting one of the biggest challenges confronting our planet – climate change.

National Solar Schools Program

The exciting National Solar Schools Program (NSSP) will help primary and secondary schools around the country take practical action to save energy and cut their electricity bills; while providing educational benefits for students in learning about renewable energy and environmental stewardship.

Up to $50,000 solar grant for Australian schools!

The Australian Government is providing generous grant of up to $50,000 (excluding GST) available for each school in Australia to install grid connected solar power. This is available until June 2013 to under the National Solar School Program (NSSP). There is also additional funding available in some states under state programs (see below).

Under a special Energy Matters Solar Schools program, your grant money will see your school receiving a top quality solar power system; plus many other bonuses!

Our solar school specialist in each state can help schools apply and lodge their claim under the new National Solar Schools Program. Call our Solar Schools consultants on 1800 EMATTERS (1800 362 883), register your interest online or email us for further details.  In a hurry? Download a brochure (PDF)

More on the solar funding program:

  1. A school is eligible to redeem a National Solar Schools Program grant of up to $50,000 (excluding GST) if it meets the following criteria. It delivers education at a primary and/or secondary level, and is eligible to receive Australian Government general recurrent grants payments appropriated under the Schools Assistance (Learning Together Achievement Through Choice and Opportunity) Act 2004.
  2. Schools must install a minimum of 2kW system to receive the full $50,000 or alternatively if the school installs a system less than 2kW it will only receive $30,000
  3. Successful applicant schools must enter a funding agreement with the government prior to installation

Schools and organisations not eligible to receive the government funding can still install a grid connected system at a competitive price through Energy Matters. Contact our team for more information on which systems would suit your school.

We recommend school administrators read the full NSSP guidelines for further information about the program. It is the school’s responsibility to register and lodge the claim, however we will give you as much support and advice regarding preparation of grant applications as possible. Call our Solar Schools consultants on 1800 EMATTERS (1800 362 883), register your interest online or email us for further details.

The Energy Matters solar schools program difference

From the time of the school’s quotation acceptance we will start processing your account, saving a great deal of time. Each school will have their own designated account manager whom will be in contact with the school at each stage of the process. The account manger will be helpful, friendly, experienced and most importantly – easily contactable.

Additional bonuses!

Bonuses include educational resources for teachers and students, staff and parent discount on residential solar systems and much more! Learn more

Call our Solar Schools consultants on 1800 EMATTERS (1800 362 883), register your interest online or email us for further advice. In a hurry? Download a brochure (PDF)

Solar grant application steps

The National Solar Schools Program endeavoured to make access to National Solar Schools Program funding as simple as possible. And with Energy Matters as your solar power system supplier, we’ll be there every step of the way to assist you, making it even easier!

The steps are as follows:

  1. Complete a Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency General Registration
  2. Access the Department’s Log In page and you’ll be taken to the Department’s Grants Menu.
  3. Select the National Solar Schools Registration.
  4. Complete the National Solar Schools registration form and submit.
  5. The government will confirm eligibility, accept your registration and the amount of funding your school is eligible to claim.
  6. Plan your project with the help of Energy Matters’ experts who’ll help ensure you gain value for your grant money
  7. Download and complete the National Solar Schools Claim Form from the Department’s Grants Menu.
  8. Once accepted, you will be notified a Funding Agreement is available, which you’ll then download.
  9. Print and sign two copies of the agreement, then mail to  the National Solar Schools Team.
  10. The NSSP team will sign and return an agreement to you and deposit the grant. At this point the Energy Matters team will commence the project.
  11. On completion of your project, you will pay Energy Matters, submit a final report to the NSSP regarding the project, including an installation report which will be provided by Energy Matters..

Additional state based solar power funding

In addition to the Federal Government solar school grants, schools some states can access additional funding for renewable energy; allowing you to have an even larger grid connect system installed and freeing up funds for more renewable energy initiatives!

Beat the rush –  register your interest today and you’ll have clean, green solar power providing electricity to your school very soon!

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