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Lismore, NSW

Situated near the sea and lush rainforest, Lismore in New South Wales (NSW) has everything for outdoor and indoor types of people. Rainforests, beaches, and plentiful displays of art are truly captivating. A part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, one of the oldest rainforests on the planet, is also found here.

Total Installed Solar PV Systems in Lismore*


Total Installed Capacity in Lismore (kW)*


*As of August 2022

Average solar production in Lismore, NSW

The following data shows the average daily solar PV production by month in Lismore, NSW by a solar PV system. The data is based on a 6kW solar PV system in kilowatt-hours (kWh) rounded to the nearest whole number.

Compare solar panels in Lismore

If you’re planning on switching to solar energy in Lismore, the first thing to do is find the right solar installer. The best solar installer in Lismore, NSW, will consider your energy needs, budget, and personal preference. 

One thing to remember is that solar panels in Lismore usually have preferred solar panel manufacturers. So, if you’re particular with the brand, it will be best to shop for multiple quotes. 

Here at Energy Matters, we recommend you choose Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers. They are the financially stable ones that will likely honour their warranties and deliver higher-quality solar panels in Lismore, NSW. 

To know who these manufacturers are, you can refer to Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance list which is updated every year. 

Also, to help you with your search, Energy Matters has established solid partnerships with trusted and reliable solar panel manufacturers. They are: 


Start your solar journey here with us by getting up to 3 FREE, no-obligation quotes. We have a large network of trusted, local installers to provide you with personalised quotes for a solar system to meet your current and future needs. 

For most homes in NSW, the solar system size is 6.6 kW with a 5 kW inverter. We recommend sizing up where possible, especially if you have plans to purchase an Electric Vehicle (EV) or a solar battery. Sizing up as early as now will help you be prepared as your future energy needs change that will also be impacted by the rapid pace of electrification.

Compare solar panels in Lismore

Solar rebates and incentives in Lismore, NSW

The NSW Government provides solar rebates and incentives to homeowners and small businesses. 

Swap for Solar

Low-income households in Lismore may be eligible for the Swap for Solar. Doing so will help reduce energy bills by letting homeowners in Lismore swap their Low-Income Household Rebate for a 3kW solar system with zero cost installation. 

Rebate swap for energy upgrades

Those not eligible for a solar swap can get a rebate swap for energy upgrades. This will allow homeowners to get free home energy assessments for home appliance upgrades to $4,000. 

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

STCs can be provided to all Australias. If you have a solar panel in Lismore, then you can get STCs. However, the value of an STC will depend on its supply and demand in the market. Every solar PV system is assigned a specific number of STCs, and their total value will be deducted from the overall value of your system.

Feed-in Tariff (FiT)

FiTs are paid by energy providers to homeowners when they export their excess energy into the grid. That said, the rate of FiT will depend on your energy retailer. 

The right solar system in Lismore

There are also other factors to consider to get the best solar system in Lismore: 

  • Roof condition: Make sure your roof is in good condition before installing solar panel in Lismore, NSW.
  • Roof angle: Ideally, your roof should be tilted at the same angle as the latitude of your home’s location. 
  • Energy consumption: To determine the number of solar panels you need for your home in Lismore, NSW, you need to know your monthly average consumption. That’s why you need to look into your previous energy bills. 
  • Surrounding shade: Trees, shrubbery, and other structures around your home may impact the efficiency of your rooftop solar panels in Lismore. Therefore, make sure you trim down the trees. In addition, your Lismore solar installer will help you find the best location for your solar panels. 

Do you need a solar storage battery in Lismore, NSW?

A home solar battery in Lismore will allow you to store energy generated by your solar panels. With this, you will have solar energy that you can use during blackouts, throughout the night or on overcast days. 

  • Energy independence: The electric grid has become unstable, and energy costs are increasing. Solar battery storage will help reduce your grid dependency and can even make your home fully self-sufficient. 
  • Blackout protection: Blackouts in Lismore rarely occur, but they can be inconvenient when they happen. A solar battery, like the  Tesla Powerwall , can power your home in the event of a blackout. 
  • Cost savings: Participating in a Virtual Power Plant (VPP)  can see you save even more money. It will allow you to receive credits for sharing the power stored by your battery back to the grid. 


The good news is that there are many brands and types of solar batteries that you can get in Lismore. 

Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Lismore

The NSW Government is also making efforts to make EVs more affordable. They are reducing the upfront cost for the first 25,000 EVs sold by offering $3,000 rebates. However, the EV must be eligible, which means that it should have a dutiable value of less than $68,750. Combine this with the abolition of stamp duty; then, you get savings of up to $5,540. 

Here are the benefits you can get from an EV: 

  • Lower costs: EVs are simpler to maintain and more affordable to run. Therefore, you get to save more money when you have an EV. 
  • Help meet the country’s emissions target: Australia is on a mission to reach net zero by 2050. Be part of this simply by switching to an EV. 
  • More economic opportunities: Did you know that Australia is the biggest exporter of lithium in the whole world, and EV batteries are mainly made of lithium? Therefore, when you get an EV, you can support the Australian lithium industry. 


Are you ready to make your next car an EV? Book a test drive today!

The return on investment on Lismore solar panels

A mid-range home in Lismore can see a return on investment between two and six years. However, it’s important to consider your energy consumption and usage pattern. 

Can’t afford to switch right Now?

If you don’t have the finances for solar right now, don’t let that stop you! Solar is an excellent investment. Many of our trusted solar installers now offer $0 upfront interest-free loans where you can pay off your system in small monthly instalments. You only need to request an obligation-free solar quote and find out what payment plan options are available.