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Moree NSW

Moree in New South Wales (NSW) is known as the Home of Artesian Water Country because of the hot springs of the Great Artesian Basin. Today, it is being promoted as healing waters that make for an attractive tourist attraction. Aside from the hot springs, you can also find here the biggest pecan farm in Australia. 

To explore sustainable energy options amidst this unique landscape, consider obtaining FREE solar quotes from Energy Matters, allowing you to harness the power of the sun while embracing the natural beauty of Moree.

Total Installed Solar PV Systems in Moree*


Total Installed Capacity in Moree (kW)*


*As of August 2022

Average solar production in Moree

The following data shows the average daily solar PV production by month in Moree, NSW by a solar PV system. The data is based on a 6kW solar PV system in kilowatt-hours (kWh) rounded to the nearest whole number.

Compare solar panels in Moree

Moree is ripe for solar power, which is why many households and businesses are making the switch. The first step here is to find the right solar installer in Moree, NSW. With the right rooftop solar installer in Moree, your budget, personal preference, and energy needs will be considered. However, most solar installers in Moree have a preferred solar panel manufacturer. So, if you have a brand in mind, it’s best you take the time to shop around and compare multiple quotes before you make a decision. 

Energy Matters recommends you choose Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers in Moree, NSW. These are the financially stable ones that will likely honour their warranties. 

You can also refer to Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance Tier 1 PV Module Manufacturer list, which is updated and released every year. 

Also, to help you with your search, Energy Matters has established solid partnerships with trusted and reliable solar panel manufacturers. They are: 


Start your solar journey here with us by getting up to 3 FREE, no-obligation quotes. We have a large network of trusted, local solar installers in Melbourne to provide you with personalised quotes for a solar system to meet your current and future needs. 

Most homes in NSW have a solar system size of 6.6 kW with a 5 kW inverter. You can install up to 33 per cent more panels than the inverter is rated at.

We also recommend sizing up where possible with further electrification that is happening across the country. This will likely impact your future energy needs; therefore, it’s essential to size up as early as now. Doing so will help you save more money in the long run. In addition, this is an excellent idea if you have plans to purchase a solar battery or an electric vehicle soon. 

Solar rebates and incentives in Moree, NSW

Switching to solar energy is even more attractive today as the NSW government has made it even more affordable. Check out the solar rebates and incentives in Moree, NSW: 

Swap for Solar

Low-income households in Moree may be eligible for a Swap for Solar to reduce their energy bills. It allows homeowners to swap their Low Income Household Rebate for a 3kW solar system, including installation, at zero cost. 

Rebate swap for energy upgrades

In case you’re not eligible for a solar swap, you can get a rebate swap instead. This will allow you to get free home energy assessments for home appliance upgrades to the value of $4,000.

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

STCs are provided to households and businesses in Moree, NSW. You or your solar installer can trade STCs for a discount on the overall cost of your solar system in Moree. 

The amount of STCs you get will vary on the size of your solar system. Some homeowners can receive STCs through a point-of-sale discount on the overall cost of their solar system, which will result in thousands of money saved. Your solar installer in Moree will take care of all this for you. 

Feed-in Tariff (FiT)

The energy providers provide FiTs to homeowners who export excess energy back into the grid. With this, your energy retailer will be the one to set the FiT rate. 

The right solar system in Moree

There are factors to consider to get the right solar system in Moree, NSW. They are the following: 

  • Roof condition: Your roof should be excellent before you have rooftop solar panels installed in Moree, NSW. Consider having it inspected by a professional first. 
  • Roof angle: Ideally, the angle of the roof must be tilted at the same angle as the latitude of your home’s location.
  • Energy consumption: To determine the number of solar panels you need for your Moree home, you need to know your average monthly consumption. Look into your previous energy bills to get a clear idea of how much you typically consume monthly. 
  • Surrounding shade: Trees and other structures may cause shade that may compromise your solar system’s efficiency. Your solar installer in Moree can help you find the right location for your solar system on your property. 


We recommend seeking at least 3 solar quotes to ensure that you are getting the best deal and a solar installer whom you can trust. Energy Matters has done most of the hard work for you! We have a nationwide network of trusted, local installers who are ready to contact you and provide a quote. Get up to 3 FREE quotes via our solar quote service.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Moree

A solar battery in Moree can keep the excess energy that you can use on overcast days, during blackouts or throughout the night. Many brands offer solar batteries today. Below are some of the benefits of a solar battery: 

  • Energy independence: Reduce your grid dependency and make your home fully self-sufficient with a solar battery in Moree.
  • Blackout protection: Blackouts in Moree rarely occur but can be inconvenient. You can protect your home from blackouts with a solar battery, like the Tesla Powerwall
  • Cost savings: When you participate in a Virtual Power Plant (VPP), your battery can help you save more money by getting credits for sharing the power stored by your battery back to the grid. 

The return on investment on Moree solar panels

A mid-range home in Moree can see a return on investment between two and six years. However, you should also consider your energy consumption and usage pattern, which will impact the ROI timeframe. 

Can’t afford to switch right Now?

If you don’t have the finances for solar right now, don’t let that stop you! Solar is an excellent investment. Many of our trusted solar installers now offer $0 upfront interest-free loans where you can pay off your system in small monthly instalments. You only need to request an obligation-free quote and find out what payment plan options are available.