Why go solar? Still tossing up whether to buy a solar power system now or later? The following are compelling reasons solar power is the way to go right now.Why go solar? Reasons solar power is the way to go now and have panels such as these on your roof

Why go solar: Reasons solar power is the way to go

Subsidies – for how much longer?

Generous subsidies and other incentives are currently available to install solar power. But how long will they be around for? For example, the Solar Credits multiplier aspect has disappeared.

Various governments throughout Australia have slashed, changed or reduced rebates and incentives with little or no warning on numerous occasions. When these support mechanisms are changed, the trend has been to less generous arrangements.

Currently Solar VIctoria is offering rebates through the Solar Homes program for those in Melbourne and the rest of the state who wish to buy solar panels.

Today you can get thousands in rebates on a residential solar power system. In the future? Who knows.

Don’t suffer the uncertainty; get a quick solar power quote for your home and business today!

Fluctuating REC/STC values

Renewable Energy CertificatesSmall-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) – form the basis of the major remaining financial support for solar and are currently based on market forces; meaning their value can fluctuate.

A difference of even a dollar can have a significant impact on the price you pay for a solar power system – and prices have fluctuated by as much as $10 per REC.

Like currency exchange, trying to forecast REC values can be very hit and miss. Currently, REC values are quite high – so grab this opportunity.

Feed in tariffs – secure a higher rate

Feed in tariffs are in place in most states and territories of Australia. Programs vary from state to state and most have changed; some on several occasions. Ongoing reviews may recommend a reduction; following the trend of the past.

By starting on your solar power system now by getting a quote,  you can possibly secure a more generous feed in tariff rate for a period – every bit helps!

Save on electricity sooner

How much is your electricity bill each month? Solar panels will give you the potential to reduce it.

Why go solar tomorrow when you can do it today? Get a quick quote for home solar power now or grab your electricity bill, contact our team and they will let you know how much you could possibly save using different system configurations.

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Beat looming electricity price rises

While electricity price rises have eased off in recent times, it’s unlikely the situation will remain this way. We’ve noticed just prior to major electricity price hikes, there can be a lot of interest in home solar – beat the rush!

Improve your home – a real investment

Considering selling your home soon? The Australian real estate market is increasingly leaning towards green and home buyers will pay more for good quality energy saving features.

Picture two similar properties; the difference being one, yours, has a solar power system that you’ve purchased – this could give you an edge in a competitive market.

Unlike home improvements such as a pool, a solar power system is very low maintenance and it can provide you generous, ongoing financial benefits. In fact, solar can provide one of the best returns on investment in Australia!

Even if you don’t intend on selling soon, a solar power system has a long life. This means when you are ready to sell, a differentiating feature will be ready for the listing and in the meantime you’ll reap the benefits of having clean power generated from your rooftop.

Create green jobs now

What sort of future would you prefer for your children – or other children? One working in old industries facing major upheaval, or one working in the growing renewable energy sector? Acquiring a system today contributes to more green jobs for tomorrow!

The environment needs our help

Most governments around the world agree that climate change is a clear and present danger. What they haven’t been able to do is to plot a really solid course of action – we’re still frittering around the edges of solutions. Nature may not be able to wait that long.

Don’t wait for governments and science to come up with a magic bullet solution; which is unlikely! By installing a solar power system now, you can immediately substantially lessen your carbon footprint. For example, a good quality 4kW solar power system installed in Melbourne can avoid more than 7 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year.

Every kilowatt hour of clean energy produced is one less kilowatt hour that needs to be generated through coal fired generation!

Setting an example in your local community

Have a look around your street. Are solar panels a common feature yet? We find that once one household installs a solar power system, other households soon follow! Through your action, you could set off a clean energy revolution in your neighbourhood; a trend that could otherwise take far longer to happen!

Help put the final nails in the coal industry’s coffin

The coal industry knows it is in trouble. Practically every aspect of coal mining, processing and burning is bad for humans and for the wider environment. Clean coal, even if achievable (which is questionable), is going to be a long way off and terribly expensive.

Coal is not the answer – clean, renewable energy is. At some point the coal industry will realise it is no longer relevant when it comes to domestic power generation and will quickly switch to exploiting green energy. But will it be too late?

An orderly phase out needs to start now, to protect the environment and allow for a smooth transition for workers in the industry to migrate to green tech and other industries with the proper support. You can help force the fossil fuel industry to become a fossil itself sooner rather than later by installing a solar power system now!

Avoid the currency exchange roller coaster

As technology improves and production costs become less with scale, an external force that can impact negatively on the cost of a solar power system is the currency market.

For a good part of 2009, a crash in the value of the Australian dollar saw prices for solar power rise dramatically, overwhelming cost savings through manufacturing improvements.

The Australian dollar is again on a downward trend and may be for quite some time. This is putting upward pressure on pricing – so go solar now!

The above are 11 compelling reasons solar power is the way to go now rather than later.

Now for the next important question you’re probably asking – with so many companies providing solar power systems, why go solar by choosing Energy Matters’  as your provider? Here’s some good reasons solar power with Energy Matters is the way to go!

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