Generating income from a farm can be tough. For those on the land, the 21st century has brought additional challenges in maintaining traditional farming revenue streams – yet costs keep rising; particularly electricity. There is a new type of farm that doesn’t require the manual effort of traditional farming. That is the solar farm opportunity.

Solar farm opportunity - become a sun farmer!

If you’re looking for new ways of reducing operational costs, the rooftops of your sheds and farm buildings may form an important part of the answer. The other element you need is a solar panel system!

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Switch on to the solar farm opportunity

Incorporating solar power on your farm has none of the labour intensive nature and ongoing overheads of other aspects of farming.

No water is needed, no herbicides or pesticides, no vet bills, early morning starts or late night paddock checks. There are only benefits in providing your own farm with clean, renewable power.

There’s next to no maintenance involved – the sun does all the hard work for you; making you money by saving you money while leaving you free to do other things. Becoming a solar farm can easily integrate with your farm’s current activities – all you’ll need is north facing roof area.

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The financial benefits of a solar farm

  • ABN holders will be able to claim depreciation and GST credit, plus you could
    also be eligible for other rebates!
  • Energy Matters can negotiate the acquisition of any RECs (Renewable Energy
    Certificates) that accompany the purchase of equipment as a point of sale

A solar farm receives a great return on investment, particularly considering the low maintenance involved, electricity bill savings and the reassurance of guaranteed income in some instances! Additionally, components in a grid connected solar farm have no moving parts and the solar panels have an output guarantee of 25 years.

By installing solar equipment on your farm, you’ll also considerably boost the value of your property!

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The environmental benefits of becoming a solar farm

By installing a grid connected solar power system on your property, you’ll not only providing your own farm with renewable energy, but any surplus will be fed into the mains grid, distributing clean electricity. Your farm will be playing a vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.

Unlike some traditional farm activities, becoming a solar farm is a truly environmentally friendly undertaking!

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