Inverter Warranty Information – Fronius

Fronius Inverter Warranty Information Applies to Fronius IG and IG Plus.

Fronius Inverter Warranty Start Date

Installation Date

Product Warranty

Product warranted against defects for 5 years from the Warranty Start Date. Customer may purchase an extended warranty period within 6 months of installation, for:

  1. 10, 15 or 20 years in aggregate for string inverters; and
  2. 10 or 20 years in aggregate for central inverters.

Product Liability

Fronius will, at its option, either repair the defect on Fronius’ premises or on-site, provide an equivalent replacement or a new device (in which case the remainder of the warranty period will be transferred), or have these services performed by a Fronius Service Partner that has undergone proper training.

Fronius will pay transportation costs to or within countries with a national Fronius subsidiary to the point of sale of the official Fronius distribution partner where the device was bought.

Exclusions and Limitations

Warranties do not apply to:

  1. remaining components of the PV installation and Fronius system add-ons;
  2. failure to comply with operating instructions, installation guide and maintenance instructions;
  3. faulty installation of the device, faulty start-up of the device, damage during transportation;
  4. improper use or misuse of the device, insufficient ventilation of the device, interference with the device by staff not trained by Fronius;
  5. failure to comply with safety regulations and installation guides;
  6. force majeure;
  7. damage to the inverter that originates from the remaining components of the PV installation;
  8. damage that does not adversely affect the proper functioning of the device;
  9. travel and subsistence expenses, on-site assembly and installation costs;
  10. modifications of the existing PV system, house installation or the time spent thereon and consequential costs.

Fronius is not liable for compensation in connection with power that was not fed into the mains or power that was not consumed.


You must report defects to Fronius immediately upon discovery by letter, fax or email. Customer must submit the invoice, serial number and start-up protocol (acceptance date, commission date, report prepared by utility company) to Fronius, together with all other information relating to the defect.

View full warranty details (PDF)

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