Warranty Information

Energy Matters update: No longer a solar retailer, but your warranty remains valid

Effective 2019, Energy Matters ceased operations as a solar retailer in Australia. We no longer offer new direct solar panel installations. However, this shift does not impact the validity of warranties on existing systems installed by Energy Matters. 

Energy Matters remains committed to ensuring existing customers receive proper support for your warranties. Your solar panels and related components still have their original warranties, just as before.

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Where to direct warranty inquiries and claims

Remember, your warranty on your solar panels and other services is crucial for protecting your investment. It ensures that any defects or malfunctions in the equipment will be addressed within the specified timeframe. By knowing the details of your warranty and understanding the claim process, you can ensure you receive prompt and effective support if needed.

For any questions or concerns regarding your warranty, Energy Matters directs you to our company profile and contact us page:

About Us: https://www.energymatters.com.au/company-profile/ 

Contact Us: https://www.energymatters.com.au/contact/

Beyond Energy Matters

It’s important to note that even though Energy Matters is no longer directly involved, the broader solar industry in Australia remains robust.

With Energy Matters, you can be sure you’re getting the best possible deal on solar energy. We only work with reputable solar firms with a proven track record of delivering high-quality solar systems.

Energy Matters can connect you with our trusted local installers, who will provide up to 3 FREE quotes for your home and business solar energy system. Get your free quotes today!