Inverter Warranty Information – SMA

SMA Factory Warranty

The SMA inverter warranty only applies for the following products: Sunny Boy, Windy Boy, Windy Boy Protection Box, Sunny Mini Central, Sunny Multigate, Sunny Tripower, Windy Tripower, Sunny Beam, Sunny WebBox, Sunny Matrix, Sunny SensorBox, Power Reducer Box, PV Offset Box, Fuel Save Controller, FLX, MLX 60, SMA Inverter Manager, SMA DC-Combiner. The statutory warranty obligation of the seller of your device is not affected by this warranty and remains fully valid for 24 months from the date of delivery. For the above mentioned products, you receive an SMA factory warranty valid for five years from the date of purchase. For the Fuel Save Controller, you will receive a factory warranty valid for two years from the date of purchase. The SMA factory warranty covers any costs for repair or spare parts during the agreed period beginning on the date of purchase of the device, subject to the following conditions. This is not associated with a durability warranty. SMA inverter warranty: SMA solar and battery inverters

SMA inverter warranty Conditions

If a device becomes defective during the agreed SMA manufacturer warranty period and, unless this should be impossible or disproportionate, one of the following options will be selected at the discretion of SMA:
  • device repair at SMA, or
  • device repair on-site, or
  • exchange for a replacement device of equivalent value with regard to model and age.
In the latter case, the remainder of the warranty entitlement will be transferred to the replacement device and your entitlement will be documented at SMA. The term “disproportionate” as referred to above applies in particular if, as a result of the envisaged measures, SMA were to incur costs deemed unreasonable according to the following criteria:
  • in view of the value that the device would have without the defect,
  • taking into account the significance of the defect, and
  • after consideration of alternative workaround possibilities that SMA customers could revert to without significant inconvenience.
The factory warranty includes the costs of SMA for work and material for the restoration of faultless functioning in SMA’s factory or for on-site repair work by SMA service personnel. All other costs, particularly shipping costs, travel and accommodation costs of SMA personnel for on-site repairs as well as costs of the customer’s own employees are not included in the factory warranty. When devices for private use are installed by natural persons in the EU region, Australia, Chile, India, Israel, South Africa, South Korea, Croatia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates, the factory warranty also covers shipping costs or travel and accommodation costs for SMA service personnel during on-site repairs. This does not apply to islands and overseas territories of the above mentioned states. The replacement of the products Sunny Boy 240 and Sunny Multigate only takes place via the shipment of replacement devices. For these products, the SMA service personnel will not be available for repairs on-site. To determine the warranty entitlement, please submit a copy of the purchasing invoice or a copy of the warranty certificate, if necessary including the receipt of the extended warranty. The type label on the device must be completely legible. Otherwise, SMA is entitled to refuse warranty services. Report defective devices with a detailed error description and the error code to the SMA Service Line. If we agree to a replacement, we generally send an equivalent replacement device, packaged appropriately for transport, within two working days. The defective device is to be packed in this transport packaging for return transport to SMA. All SMA inverter warranty services are free of charge only if the course of action is agreed with SMA in advance.