Sanyo Panel Warranty Information

Sanyo Panel Warranty Start Date

The date of sale to original end customer. Sanyo Panel Warranty claims must be received by Sanyo within the warranty period and within 1 year of the particular cause of action. Sanyo Panel Warranty

Product Warranty

Sanyo warrants materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the Warranty Start Date under normal installation, use and service conditions, as follows:
  1. products should satisfy Product Specification under initial conditions;
  2. products contain no broken glass except for those caused by external impact, stress or foreign articles from air;
  3. products contain no broken or damaged junction box;
  4. products contain no broken or damaged connector/cables;
  5. products contain no broken or damaged fracture frame.

Product Liability

If Sanyo determines that defect is caused by quality of the module, Sanyo will, at its option, either repair or replace the product.

Performance Warranty

Sanyo warrants the modules for a period of 25 years from the Warranty Start Date against power output less than 80% of the maximum peak power output measured at an optimum voltage under standard test conditions as specified in Warranty.

Performance Liability

If Sanyo determines that loss in power is due to defects in materials or workmanship, Sanyo will supplement the output deficiency by either:
  1. providing extra modules to make up the output deficiency; or
  2. repairing or replacing the modules.

Exclusions and Limitations

Warranties do not apply to modules if Sanyo determines that the defect results from any of the following:
  1. improper use, installation, wiring, handling or maintenance;
  2. installation in a location that exceeds Standard Operating Conditions;
  3. damage from abuse, or alteration or improper repair by anyone other than Sanyo;
  4. improper storage or transportation prior to installation;
  5. damage from external stress or falling rocks or debris;
  6. environmental pollution;
  7. defects in customer’s system or non-compatibility of system with modules;
  8. extreme natural conditions, fire or other unforeseen circumstances;
  9. terrorism, riots, wars or other man-made disasters;
  10. problems with sound, vibration, rust, scratching, discolouration or stain that result from aging or continuous use;
  11. failure to produce warranty sheet with issue date and signature of Sanyo representative;
  12. alteration, removal or tampering of type or serial number.
Warranties do not cover the costs of any on-site labour and any costs associated with the installation, removal, transportation, or re-installation of modules or any components. Warranties do not cover the cost of measuring the module output and quality confirmation. Sanyo’s total liability under the warranty will not exceed the sale price for the module. Warranty only applies if the modules are owned by either the original purchaser or by purchasers of buildings on which the product was first installed.


The customer must make any warranty claims via the Sanyo dealer from which the customer purchased the modules. The customer must immediately notify the Sanyo dealer and provide the Sanyo warranty sheet or evidence of date of sale. The dealer will give advice to the customer on handling the claim. In the case of Sanyo Panel Warranty for products sold by Energy Matters, contact us. View full warranty details (PDF)