Australia’s Top 5 Cheapest Electric Vehicles 2024

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One way to avoid the pain at the pump is to switch to an electric vehicle (EV). Not only will you save a fortune on fuel costs, but you’ll also save on maintenance costs and be doing your bit for the environment.

Interest in EVs is at an all-time high, but the upfront cost can still be a sticking point. The good news is that modelling by Evenergi shows EVs have the potential to save money in the long term compared to Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles.

To help you get behind the wheel of an EV sooner, we’ve compiled a list of Australia’s top five cheapest electric cars. All prices are Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)

Cheapest EV in Australia 2024

The Australian EV market is rapidly evolving, with new and affordable models always arriving.  Here are the top 5 cheapest EVs you can buy in Australia as of January 2024.


Body Style


Price (AUD – Before on-Road Costs)

1. BYD Dolphin


400km – 420km


2. MG 4



$38,990- $47,990

3. GWM Ora Good Cat





Small SUV



5. BYD Atto 3

Small SUV



1. BYD Dolphin - Price: $38,890 estimated

BYD-Dolphin  Source&Image: CarExpert


Bodystyle: Hatchback

Range: 400km to 420km

Price(AUD) : $38,890.00 estimated

With a target pricing of $35,000 to $40,000 and a focus on ride-share operators, BYD’s Australian distributor, EVDirect, revealed plans to offer the Dolphin in Australia in February 2023.

The battery packs are 30.7kWh and 44.9kWh, respectively, and can enable DC charging up to 40kW for the former and up to 60kW for the latter. Each model has a 7kW maximum AC charging capacity, and each model also has a heat pump.

Despite having a 2.7-meter-long wheelbase, it is about four metres long, making it roughly the same length as the Toyota Yaris and Volkswagen Polo.

Keyless entry and start, a panoramic glass roof, and a motorised driver’s seat are just a few of the available comfort and convenience options. Inside, there is a 5.0-inch digital instrument cluster and a choice of 10.1-inch or 12.8-inch rotating central touchscreens.

2. MG4 EV - Price: $38,990.00, $44,990.00, and $47,990.00 estimated

MG4 EV Source&Image: MG UK


Bodystyle: Hatchback

Range: 450km

Price (AUD): $38,990 to $47,990 estimated

The first all-electric hatchback vehicle from MG is the All-New MG4 EV. The MG4 EV is the no-compromise electric car thanks to its up to 281 miles of electric range*, two battery options, and standard amenities, including a 10.25″ colour touchscreen with Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM, MG iSMART app connectivity, and our MG Pilot suite of driver assistance systems.

To ensure a safe, relaxed, and enjoyable driving experience, the MG4 offers a powerful array of driver assistance systems called MG Pilot.

With the MG iSMART app, you can manage various MG4 EV features, such as charging, vehicle status monitoring, finding the closest charging station, and pre-starting the climate control system.

Check out our page to learn more about MG4’s continuous explosive electric form with nine award victories.

3. GWM Ora Good Cat - Price: $39,990.00 estimated

GWM Ora Good Cat Source&Image: GWM

GWM Ora Good Cat

Bodystyle: Hatchback

Range: 430km

Price (AUD): $39,990 estimated

In China, this vehicle is known as the Good Cat, whilst in the UK, it is known as the Funky Cat.

According to CarExpert, local naming is still subject to confirmation. It was previously thought that the car could be known in Australia as the GWM Ora Cat or Cat01.

Whatever its name, the car you see here is anticipated to be the first GWM Ora sold in this country. The vintage Ballet Cat is part of the brand’s collection and was introduced in China in 2018.

It is the same size as a Volkswagen Golf 8 at 4235mm in length and 2650mm wide and weighs a manageable 1555kg. It employs MacPherson strut front and rear suspension and a custom electric-only architecture. The hatchback has a 126kW and 250Nm front-mounted electric motor that accelerates the vehicle from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 8.3 seconds. Up to 11kW of AC power and 80kW of DC power can charge it.

4. MG ZS EV - Price: $47,337.00 estimated



Bodystyle: SUV

Range: 263km

Price (AUD): $47,337.00 estimated

The MG ZS EV is an impressively designed vehicle. It looks great on paper too, with three driving modes (Eco, Normal, Sport), MG Pilot Driver safety technology, decent range figures and a relatively low price point. Pegged as a ‘family-friendly electric car’, the MG ZS EV is also a practical offering, with plenty of space for kids and shopping.

In terms of driving performance, the MG ZS EV is not going to win any races – but it does have more than enough power under the hood to get you around town in a comfortable fashion. The car’s interior quality could be improved, however – while some may enjoy the minimalist design, others will likely see it as a bit cheap.

5. BYD Atto 3 - Price: $48,011.00 estimated

BYD Atto 3

BYD Atto 3

Bodystyle: SUV

Range: 345km – 420km

Price (AUD): $48,011.00 estimated

Chinese electric car brand Build Your Dreams (BYD) has just been given the green light to offer its 2022 BYD Atto 3 for sale in Australia, ahead of first deliveries in August or September.

Two battery configurations will be on offer in this small SUV: Standard and Extended Range. The Standard Atto boasts an impressive driving range of 345km while the Extended model clocks in at 420km (WLTP). Each EV sports a BYD-developed ‘Blade Battery,’ which is said to be more robust, safe, and energy dense than traditional lithium-ion-phosphate (LFP) batteries.

The Atto is a well-equipped EV with a host of features as standard, including 18-inch alloy wheels, heated front power seats trimmed in synthetic leather, a panoramic sunroof, and an 12.8 inch rotating touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Safety is also well catered for, with seven airbags, autonomous emergency braking (AEB), front and rear collision warning, rear cross-traffic alert with rear cross AEB, lane departure and lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control and door open warning.

The SUV’S exterior adopts BYD’s latest ‘Dragon Face 3.0’ design language, with a slightly sloping roofline, slim ‘dragon crystal’ LED headlights, and aerodynamic wheels. The Atto comes with a quirky fitness and music-inspired interior that includes red string door cards to mimic guitar strings, dumbbell-shaped air vents, and two-tone blue and white interior as standard.

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Cheapest electric car in Australia 2023

ModelBYD DolphinMG4 EVGWM Ora Good CatBYD Atto 3Fiat 500e
Body StyleHatchbackHatchbackHatchbackSUVHatchback
Range400km to 420km450km430km345km – 420km320km
Price$35,000 to $40,000 estimated$40,000 to $49,000 estimated$40,000 to $49,000 estimatedPrice: $44,381 to $47,381 before on-road costs$43,000 to $48,000 estimated

Cheapest electric car in Australia 2022

ModelMG ZS EVHyundai Ioniq ElectricNissan LeafHyundai Kona Electric
Body StyleSUVSUVHatchbackSUV
Range263km373km270km – 385km305 – 484km
Price$46,990 to $49,990 drive-away$49,970 to $54,010 plus on-road costs$50,990 to $61,490 plus on-road costs$54,500 to $64,000 plus on-road costs

Updated on January 2024

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