Born on the 4th of July: Solar power is as American as apple pie

Booming solar power in US reflects values of free society.Rooftop solar booms in US.

Americans are embracing solar as never before – and the booming solar power movement in the United States is a pure expression of the nation’s founding philosophy.

That’s the opinion of US-based solar developer John Weaver. He claims rooftop solar panels embody the “free society” so beloved of America’s founding fathers in the 18th century.

“Freedom Photons” help everyday Americans free themselves from the monopoly of powerful electricity generators by allowing them to create clean, cost-effective renewable energy as individuals.

Solar power fits US philosophy, human values

John Weaver offered his thoughts to pv magazine as the US celebrated its independence day on July 4.

Booming solar power in US reflects values of free society.

The Statue of Liberty reflects the values of a free USA – and so does solar power, it’s claimed.

In fact Weaver relates the significance of solar panels to the nature of civilisation itself.

Just as single electrons belong to a larger wave of electrons, so individuals are part of a broader society, he writes. A single solar panel system works as part of a wider solar network feeding into the grid – just as people contribute to the greater good through their life and work.

Weaver insists the virtual power plant idea reflects the growth of nations. The “fortress” of each home stands independently, powered by solar energy. Yet it’s also part of a collective solar network selling energy back to the grid.

Booming solar power as US solar industry expands

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the booming solar power industry in the USA is breaking records.

In the first three months of 2019, the US installed 2.7 GW of solar power. This is the most solar ever installed in a first quarter.

As a result, the nation reached 67 GW of total installed capacity, enough to power 12.7 million American homes. Total installed capacity should also more than double over the next five years, SEIA predicts.

Weaver also quotes US polling which shows two-thirds of Americans wanting mandatory solar power in new homes. Close to 90 per cent also want more solar farms.

Solar power on the march in Australia too

The US booming solar power phenomenon reflects the uptake of solar power in Australia where more than two million households now have rooftop solar installations.

Smart homeowners are also adding solar batteries like Tesla Powerwall 2 or Enphase. As a result, they can use their stored solar energy overnight and at peak times.

Australians, like Americans, value the independence and zero emissions offered by solar panels. Yet they also know solar panels are the best way to slash their electricity bills.