Electric vehicle poll: two-thirds of respondents plan to buy an electric car

A poll commissioned by the Climate Council shows one in six people plan on buying an electric vehicle as their next car. Two-thirds of all respondents believe that electric cars are the future of Australian transport.

The YouGov Galaxy poll surveyed 861 eligible voters online between April 10 and 11 2019.

Climate Councillor and former head of BP Australasia Greg Bourne said Australians are more “forward-thinking” than the Federal Government. He said they are keen to be part of the electric revolution.

62% support target for electric vehicles

A cornerstone of the Australian Labor Party’s energy policy is that 50 per cent of all new vehicles to be electric by 2030.

one-in-six people plan on buying an electric vehicle as their next car.

The ACE-EV Cargo – designed for urban deliveries.

The Climate Council poll found 44 per cent of respondents supported the Labor target of buying an electric vehicle. An additional 18 per cent believed it should be higher.

Bourne said the results show the Federal Government is “out of touch with everyday Australians”.

“Last week Prime Minister Scott Morrison rubbished electric vehicles, while our polling shows the majority of Australians – 55 per cent – believe they represent the future,” he said.

Charging EVs from rooftop solar

More than a third of respondents said they liked the convenience of being able to charge their car from home.

This is because the running costs after buying an electric vehicle – already lower than a petrol version – are cut through solar power installations.

Solar panels can charge a home battery, which can then charge the electric vehicle overnight.

The poll also found that two-thirds of respondents believe electric vehicles reduce pollution. In addition, they are beneficial for health and the environment. These respondents included 62 per cent of people who identified as Coalition voters.

Road blocks to buying an electric vehicle in Australia

Last week, Energy Matters spoke with Greg McGarvie, managing director of the ACE-EV Group. The Australian company plans to sell four electric vehicles: Cargo, Yewt, Urban and Sportz.

Asked what the major obstacle to electric vehicle uptake in Australia was, McGarvie replied: “The government.”

He said his business has received no support from the Federal Government.

“In fact, setting up our project with our international corporate partners out of Germany and Taiwan bought home to us the tragic reality of this current government.