Federal National Electric Vehicle Strategy a dead end: Electric Vehicle Council

New electric vehicles strategy falls short says EVC.

The Federal Government’s newly released National Electric Vehicle Strategy is a missed opportunity in Australia’s transition to EVs.

That’s the verdict of the Electric Vehicle Council (EVC), which described the newly released one-page strategy as lacking substance and being “a plan about a plan”.

According to the EVC, the nation should take an urgent approach to EV uptake or be left behind the rest of the world.

National electric vehicles strategy “underwhelming” 

The Morrison Government’s “underwhelming” approach to EVs is seeing us slip behind in the world, the EVC claims.

New electric vehicles strategy falls short says EVC.
Electric vehicles emerge in pre-election pitches for the NSW and Federal Governments. Image: EVC

The National Electric Vehicle Strategy says it will plan and manage a transition. It claims it will also co-ordinate action across governments, industry and urban and regional communities. However, there is little detail on the one-page planning document.

The strategy will build on Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) grants, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) finance and the current work of the COAG Transport and Infrastructure Council.

Australia a dumping ground for polluting cars: EVC

According to EVC CEO Behyad Jafari, Australia is now a “dumping ground for the world’s dirtiest vehicles”.

He said in 2018, then-Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg said EVs were as disruptive as the invention of the iPhone.

Yet the Coalition is providing no genuine leadership to ease the transition from fuel-powered cars to electric ones, Jafari adds.

Senate Committee says government missing economic trick

A Senate Committee report handed down last month claimed the Australian Government is failing to recognise the economic benefits of EVs.

The committee made 17 recommendations to increase EV uptake in Australia. It also called for a national electric vehicles strategy to facilitate a widespread transition to EVs.

At the same time, the EVC urged the government to adopt the recommendations. These included national EV charging regulations, strict emission standards and a 10-year EV manufacturing road map.

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