Energy Matters Video News – Episode 34 – June 22, 2011

Presented by Energy Matters team member Virginia, we take a look at some of the stories from Australia and around the world recently added to our renewable energy news section.
In this episode, Virginia covers a report stating home solar power can be a better investment than shares, the Climate Institute calls for a stop to the scapegoating of renewable energy and two major projects to receive funding under the Australian government’s Solar Flagships program.


In this episode:
Solar power has been proclaimed to be a more profitable an investment than BHP Billiton shares and safer than bank shares, according to an article by David Hetherington, Executive Director of independent think tank Per Capita. Read more.
– Australia’s Climate Institute is calling for an end to the protection of big polluters under Australia’s Renewable Energy Target scheme. The Institute’s CEO, John Connor, says that the Renewable Energy Target is a critical tool to help clean up Australia’s aging energy sector, but that more scrutiny needs to be applied to government support for the nation’s big polluters. Read more.
– Two projects have been selected by Australia’s Federal Government to receive funding in round one of the 1.5 billion dollar Solar Flagships program. Solar Dawn and Moree Solar Farm are to become two of the world’s biggest solar farms in the world, generating what is expected to be enough electricity to supply more than 115 thousand homes each year. Read more.