Energy Matters Video News – Episode 65 – April 18, 2012

Presented by Energy Matters team member Virginia, we take a look at some of the stories from Australia and around the world recently added to our renewable energy news section.

This week, Virginia reports on Australia’s solar rebate rush, major electricity price hikes on the horizon, and Energy Matters attending Tasmania’s Agfest again this year.

In this episode:

– Queensland’s Ergon Energy has reminded those looking to go solar before the Solar Credits rebate reduction should submit their network connection application forms soon. The rebate will be slashed by 33% on June 30 nationally and consumers wanting to get the current rebate must have their system installed by this date. With approval and installation lead times in some areas increasing as the deadline approaches, Ergon Energy’s advice should probably be heeded by households in other states too. Read more.

– The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal has proposed average prices regulated electricity retailers in NSW can charge from July 1. The draft decision allows for an average price increase of 16% across the state. The Tribunal says the increase is necessary as a result of rising network costs and the introduction of the carbon price. According to the Tribunal, residential customers may pay between $200 and $380 dollars more each year on average for electricity. Annual bill hikes for small business customers may be even greater. Read more.

– NSW isn’t the only state to be warned of coming electricity price hikes. The Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission has approved an increase of more than 17 percent to the ACT’s electricity prices. Currently Canberra enjoys the lowest power prices in Australia, however this increase would mean an extra $244 for average households a year. According to Energy Matters, a 2kW solar power system installed in Canberra could shave over $620 off a household’s annual electricity bill. With the Solar Credits rebate reducing soon, consumers are advised to make a deposit by April 30 in order to make the government’s installation deadline. Read more.

– For the fourth year running, Energy Matters will be exhibiting at the Agfest Field Days in Tasmania. Offering expert advice on solar power, the Energy Matters exhibit will include an off-grid power system featuring Daqo solar panels and an SMA inverter charger. Other components on display will also include REC solar panels and Energy Matters’ own SunLock solar mounting system. Agfest visitors will be able to take advantage of great show specials on grid connect solar power systems. Read more.