Flex launches PowerPlay: the smart home energy solution

Source: FlexFlex

Flex, Energy Matters’ parent company, has launched PowerPlay, its latest smart home energy platform at the All-Energy 2017 conference. Flex PowerPlay is a suite of next-generation solutions that give households more control over energy usage and cost.

These PowerPlay solutions grabbed significant attention at Flex’s All Energy stand. Hundreds of visitors registered at the event and many installers sought to commence distribution in Australia.

Following its introduction, Flex PowerPlay also featured in ABC’s Lateline, with a highlight on its ability to optimise household power by easily controlling home appliances.

Power optimisations are made simple through the Flex PowerPlay Energy App. The Energy App lets users simply switch between appliances and automatically control power loads. Optimisation solutions like this will be essential for users to get the most out of their solar system and reduce electricity bills.

Vikas Desai, SVP & Global GM, Flex Living at Flextronics, joined Flex’s Australian staff at the PowerPlay launch.

Flex PowerPlay Smart Solar Power solution

Flex PowerPlay Smart Solar Power solution

PowerPlay: towards 100% energy control

Flex PowerPlay is able to put you on the right path to 100 per cent control of energy and energy costs because it seamlessly combines the three areas of energy independence. PowerPlay can:

  1. Generate energy – with a high-tech, efficient solar power system
  2. Store energy – in home battery storage for when you need it (e.g. at night)
  3. Optimise energy use – by monitoring your power generation and usage to understand when and how you are using energy, then connecting your solar system with smart appliances to power them at those times when excess energy generated is high. This can supercharge your ability to control your energy costs.

At the heart of the system is the PowerPlay Energy Hub, which does real-time monitoring. This is an improvement on other systems where there can be a lag of 15 seconds or so.This makes it difficult to assess which appliance is using power.

A lag makes it difficult to assess which appliance is using power. Real-time monitoring means you can divert electricity to power-hungry appliances more easily.

Although new to Australians, the Flex Energy Hub is now in its 5th generation and has been designed to deeply integrate with future smart home automation platforms in Australia.

PowerPlay available via Energy Matters

Energy Matters, as well as other Flex Authorised Partners across the country, will distribute PowerPlay solutions in Australia (operating as an Approved Flex Installer).

A world-leader in manufacturing solar panels, Flex has released over five-gigawatts of solar modules, or 8 million solar panels. Flex PowerPlay solar panels available in Australia will all be tested to avoid potential induced degradation.

Importantly, PowerPlay also features flexible solar energy storage options. This lets owners generate and store solar energy when the sun shines, then use it at night. Battery storage also keeps the lights on in the event of a blackout.

PowerPlay slashes power bills

It’s estimated that a typical customer can save 40 per cent of power usage by installing a rooftop solar system. By adding solar batteries this figure can increase to 75 per cent of total energy consumption.

With the optimisation options of a home energy platform controlling appliances like air-conditioning and pool pumps, customers could offset 90 per cent of their power usage with PowerPlay.

Decentralised energy solutions mean customers have power in their hands like never before. Solutions like Flex PowerPlay are the future of power management.