I’m Building a New House – When Should I Get a Quote for Solar?

Timing is crucial when considering solar for your new home. Whether in early planning, during construction, or post-build, weigh the pros and cons. Explore options and get expert advice from Energy Matters

Building a new home is very exciting but a time filled with decisions. From choosing the perfect floor plan to selecting the right appliances, there are many things to consider. In addition, Australia’s renewable energy sector is booming. On that note, solar power is a crucial element you shouldn’t overlook. 

Harnessing the sun’s energy to generate electricity has a lot of benefits. However, with so many things to juggle during construction, you might wonder: when exactly is the best time to get a quote for solar panels?

Let us guide you through the ins and outs of solar panel timing. We will also help you determine the right time to embrace the power of the sun to make your dream home truly sustainable. 

The difference between getting a solar quote and pre-build planning for solar

When planning to build a house, there are many factors that should be considered. One such factor is the inclusion of a solar system. If you plan to add solar, advise your builder. Your builder may be able to include space or access for solar conduit. This is especially important for two-storey homes and homes that wish to add battery storage and/or EV charging. 

A solar quote will provide you with pricing as well as the planned size of the system, and placement of the panels, inverter, battery, EV charger, etc. It is important to note that most solar installers WILL NOT provide a quote for a system that will be installed outside of 3 months. This is due to the ever-changing costs of solar and, especially for new-builds, changes arising from construction. 

Early planning

Every detail matters when building a house. When it comes to solar power, planning early is necessary. Planning to add solar during the pre-construction phase comes with its advantages:

  • When you plan early, you can work with your architect and builder to optimise your home’s design for solar. It might involve considering roof orientation to maximise sun exposure, minimise potential shading from trees or neighbouring structures, and even to add south-facing skylights for additional light capture.
  • Another reason planning during the pre-build phase of your home is advantageous is that you can negotiate the inclusion of necessary wiring in the plans. Eventually, this can reduce installation costs because you no longer need to drill through walls or disrupt the finished look of your home. 
  • Building a new home comes with a lot of expenses. Including solar from the start lets you factor its cost into your overall budget. 

However, there are considerations as well. One thing is that solar technology is continuously evolving, with new and improved panels emerging regularly. Whilst planning early offers design advantages, waiting a bit might provide you with more efficient or cost-effective options. 

Another thing is your energy needs. Predicting your exact energy consumption before construction is complete can be tricky. Whilst estimates can be made, the final picture might differ slightly, which can impact the ideal size of your solar system. 

It is important to also understand that designing your home around solar may incur additional costs with your builder, but the long-term savings might be worth it.

For personalised solar quotes and expert advice, consider reaching out to Energy Matters.

During construction

In the final stages of construction, consider getting a solar quote. Just like in every construction phase, there are considerations to take. But first, let’s discuss the advantages of getting a quote for solar during the construction phase: 

  • With your house design finalised, you have a clearer picture of its energy demands. Hence, it allows for a more accurate assessment of your solar system size. This will ensure you generate enough power to meet your needs whilst avoiding unnecessary expenses. 
  • With the construction nearing completion, you can secure solar quotes based on actual roof dimensions and shading patterns. Doing so eliminates guesswork and ensures you get the most accurate pricing for your situation. 
  • Some builders offer integrated solar packages, seamlessly incorporating solar panels into your construction process. This provides convenience and potentially lower costs due to bundled pricing and streamlined installation. 

If you wait until construction is underway to plan for solar, you might miss out on the benefits of early planning, such as pre-wiring and the placement of features that may impede your system – such as air-conditioning units and sunlights. 


When your dream home is complete, you can add solar and still gain some benefits. Some of them are: 

  • You have probably lived in your home for a while; hence, you have real-time data on your energy consumption patterns. It allows for an incredibly accurate assessment of your solar system needs, ensuring you get the perfect amount of power without overspending. 
  • You have the time and freedom to research different solar options and compare quotes from multiple solar installers
  • Waiting until construction is finished will lead to newer, more efficient solar panels. You will also be presented with newer battery storage options. 

Remember, be on the lookout for special offers or rebates that might be available for post-construction solar installations. Consider reaching out to Energy Matters to get FREE solar quotes tailored to your home’s unique needs. 

There are potential downsides to this as well. One is installing solar panels after construction, which might require drilling through your roof or making cosmetic changes, which could impact the finished look of your property. 

Another is missed incentives, which are given for early solar adoption. You might miss out on those savings by waiting, resulting in slightly higher costs. 

The perfect timing

Whether in the early planning stages, amid construction, or when your dream home is complete, going solar is an important consideration. When you choose to add solar and get solar quotes all depends on your circumstances. We have listed the pros and cons of getting solar quotes during the vital stages of construction. Weighing them will help you make a decision that suits your needs. Don’t forget to research your options and compare quotes. 

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