Introducing REC’s Latest Solar Breakthrough: The REC Alpha Pure-RX

REC Alpha Pure-RX Series

In the realm of renewable energy, REC Group stands as a pioneering force. REC consistently push the boundaries of solar panel technology. Today, we’re excited to unveil their newest innovation: the REC Alpha Pure-RX. The high-efficiency solar panel reaches an impressive 470 Wp. This solidifies its position as the flagship of the Alpha Pure family of residential panels.

Built on the foundation of advanced heterojunction cell technology (HJT), the REC Alpha Pure-RX exemplifies REC’s relentless commitment to enabling customers to maximise the output of rooftop solar installations. This remarkable panel is REC’s fourth product innovation rooted in Alpha HJT technology, which was initially introduced in 2019. The Alpha Pure-RX panels feature an astonishing power density of 226 W/m² or 21 W/ft²,

A Commitment to Excellence

REC Group remains steadfast in its dedication to innovation, as evidenced by the REC Alpha Pure-R and the Pure-RX panels. These panels feature large G12 HJT cells in a seamless half-cut cell design. This results in improved aesthetics and an enhanced power output of 40 Wp. Moreover, they are lead-free and RoHS compliant, contributing to higher sustainability.

REC Alpha Pure-RX Series Release

Jan Enno Bicker, CEO at REC Group, emphasises REC’s unwavering commitment to HJT technology: “While many solar panel manufacturers have moved to TOPCon as a quick and simple successor to PERC technology to offer some incremental efficiency gains, REC stays committed to HJT as the real pioneering technology, presenting the biggest potential for efficiency leaps in the near future.”

Advanced Module Interconnection: Overcoming Challenges

As the solar industry rapidly advances toward larger wafers for greater efficiencies, it faces the challenge of transitioning to G12 large wafers and cells on HJT. REC’s Alpha Pure-R and Pure-RX HJT panels have a crucial enabler: Advanced Module Interconnection (AMI). This innovative solder-free foil and wire combination empowers REC to master advanced HJT technology and achieve higher throughputs.

A Promise of Durability

When it comes to solar panel longevity, REC Group’s Alpha HJT products, including the new REC Alpha Pure-RX, set a new standard. Most TOPCon solar panels on the market degrade at a rate of 0.4% per year and offer 89% power output after 25 years. REC’s Alpha HJT panels guarantee at least 92% power output after the same period. This assurance provides consumers and installers with greater peace of mind.

Additionally, the manufacturing of these solar panels reflects REC’s commitment to environmental protection. By eliminating lead from the new REC Alpha Pure-RX, REC Group has made the panel RoHS compliant. This contributes to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Shankar G. Sridhara, Chief Technology Officer at REC Group, explains the rationale: “From a pure manufacturing and cost perspective, lead in soldering makes production easier. However, getting rid of lead in solar panels simplifies the recycling of solar panels at their end of life, and it’s worth going the extra mile.”

The Future is Bright with REC

Production of the REC Alpha Pure-RX will commence in January 2024 at REC’s cutting-edge Industry 4.0 manufacturing facility in Singapore. It is expected to become available in Australia and New Zealand in the first quarter of 2024.

In a world where sustainability and innovation are paramount, REC Group continues to illuminate the path forward in solar energy. With the REC Alpha Pure-RX, they’ve once again demonstrated their unwavering commitment to pioneering technology and environmental responsibility. REC Group’s innovations are sure to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of clean, renewable energy solutions.

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