REC Group Celebrates Australian Landing Of Alpha Pure-R At All Energy Australia

REC Alpha Pure-R

REC is set to mark the Australian arrival of its newest and most innovative panel, the Alpha Pure-R at All-Energy Australia this October.

Greatness doesn’t end, it evolves

The all-new REC Alpha Pure-R provides even better power output without increasing size using REC’s latest innovation and advancements. The design is ideal for residential and commercial rooftop installations where space is limited. 

The lead-free and RoHS compliant Alpha Pure-R continues to strengthen REC’s reputation as a company that takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. The low-temperature coefficient keeps the solar panel running efficiently even on hotter days, and can still generate energy when partially shaded. 

The REC Alpha Pure-R is eligible for REC’s comprehensive ProTrust warranty, offering consumers up to 25 years peace of mind for product, performance and labour, subject to conditions.

REC Group CEO Jan Enno Bicker (Left) Source:

Jan Enno Bicker, CEO at REC Group expressed his excitement for the new panel. 

“We made a bold move in 2019 by introducing REC Alpha as our first HJT product, in 2021 by launching the lead-free and RoHS compliant Alpha Pure, and now we are changing the game again. 

With the REC Alpha Pure-R, we are bringing another 600 MW of a lead-free HJT product to the market but based on larger G12 cells in a compact panel format for residential installations. 

Now that production is underway, customers worldwide can access the power, space and environmental advantages of this new solar panel for their installations.”

Experience REC Alpha Pure-R for yourself

REC’s Global Technical Development Expert, Neil Edwards, will be on-site alongside the local team at All Energy Australia, booth number N113 share the great benefits of REC’s most innovative panel to date. REC will also be hosting the Grant Networking Event for the conference to be held in the evening on Day One.

Get better, not bigger with the all-new REC Alpha Pure-R

For further information about the new Series visit or head to our recommended products page.

All-Energy Australia is free to attend and will be held on the 26th and 27th of October at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Please register your attendance via the link: 

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