LONGi Solar: New Hi-MO 6 and 7 Solar Panels Leading the Way

LONGI Solar is the world’s leading solar panel manufacturer, and for good reason. Renowned for their durability, high efficiency, and sleek aesthetic, LONGi has exceeded expectations with their new solar panels: The Hi-MO 6 and the Hi-MO 7.

Featured on episode 5, season 6 of Open Homes Australia were 40kW of Hi-MO 5m panels. Brett Robinson, National Sales Manager for LONGi Australia, had a chat with Roshan about the benefits for the homeowner as well as the release of the Hi-MO 6 panels.

Power for your home with aesthetically pleasing panels

Ask any of the solar installers in our extensive network what one of the main concerns surrounding solar is for residential homes and they’ll tell you, surprisingly, that aesthetics is high up on the list. While solar panels are now commonplace for new and existing homes, street appeal is still high on the agenda, and rightly so! Our homes are major investments, and maintaining the look you’ve poured your savings into is important. LONGi solar panels are known for their sleek look. Whether adding them to a new, modern home or installing them on your 60-year-old house, LONGi solar panels will not disappoint.

40kW of 415W Hi-MO 5m panels installed on the Queensland home featured on Open Homes Australia were simply breathtaking. Roshan pointed out that the homeowners were delighted with the final look of the system, which was matched by its outstanding daily average output of 160kWh.

The Hi-MO 5m panels featured have a black frame. The newly released Hi-MO 6 panels are available in 2 black variations: Obsidian black (black cells, frame, and backing) and Stars (Black cells and frame with white backing).

The LONGi Hi-MO 6 solar panel

The new LONGI solar panels integrate HPBC cell technology (Hybrid Passivated Back Contact Cell) to achieve 25% cell efficiency. This is a huge leap forward in solar technology and a first in the industry. The solar modules provide 22% efficiency, which is an improvement on the excellent Hi-MO 5/m modules.

The solar panels are backed by 15 years product warranty and 25 years power warranty.

The panels are available in four series: Explorer, Scientist, Guardian, and Artist. Each of the panels in the four series is equipped with additional features for various applications.

Explorer series:

Situated as the standard for the Hi-MO 6 model, the Explorer series exceeds 25% cell efficiency.

Hi-MO 6 Explorer

Scientist series:

Performance is the driving force behind the Scientist series, with cell efficiency higher than 25.3%.

Hi-MO 6 Scientist

Guardian series:

Safety and intelligent optimisation are the focus of the Guardian series. Each panel is managed independently to optimise power output to ensure the highest production level.

Hi-MO 6 Guardian

Artist series:

Available for landmark buildings and projects, the Artist series is positioned to transform the way we view solar panels. Available in various colours and sizes, these panels can be used to create art whilst providing HPBC cell efficiency.

Hi-MO 6 Artist

The LONGi Hi-MO 7 solar panel

Designed for the commercial market, the Hi-MO 7 solar panels are bifacial. Bifacial panels absorb solar radiation from the front AND the rear of the panel. Sunlight that bounces off the roof/ground to the underside of the panel is captured and converted into electricity.

Hi-MO 7

With an increase of approximately 4.5% in power, compared to similar panels on the market, systems installed with Hi-MO 7 panels will require fewer panels to achieve the same output. This will result in cost savings across the board for solar components.

The extremely efficient panels result in low maintenance requirements. The panels use High Performance and Hybrid Passivated Dual-Junction Cell (HPDC) technology and have a module efficiency of 22.5%. The panels come with a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year power warranty.

Quality panels we recommend

Energy Matters is proud to recommend LONGi Solar panels to residential and commercial customers. If sheer quantity were the only metric for panels, then LONGi would be number one on just this front alone – but the quality is our reason for recommending this brand. Designed to withstand the elements, LONGi panels stand the test of time on Australian roofs. High efficiency and output panels ensure that your system performs as expected for many years to come.

So, if you’re building a new house, or wish to add panels to your existing property, begin your solar journey with LONGi Solar! Get FREE solar quotes for LONGi panels via our quick quiz.

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