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Roshan Ramnarain Jack Buttner

While many homes and businesses have straightforward solar installations, some can be quite the challenge! Dave and Jane Franklin’s home, featured on Open Homes Australia, offered unique challenges to a prospective solar retailer. Scaffolding requirements, limited usable roof space, and the energy needs of the home, all required a professional solution. SunGroup Energy, recommended by Energy Matters, was up for the task.

When solar installations require practical solutions

The most common challenges faced by solar retailers, when planning and designing a solar system, are as follows:

  • Shading from nearby trees, buildings, and installations such as air conditioning units
  • Limited usable roof space
  • The roofing material. Some materials are not suitable for solar or the roof may be too old, weak, or damaged.
  • Difficult installation requirements (limited access to the roof and obstructions)
  • Aesthetic requests of the homeowner

Dave and Jane Franklin’s home had very limited roof space. Vaulted ceilings with skylights prohibited the installation of more panels, therefore limiting the solar system size to 7.7kW. The remaining roof space was either unusable (not large enough for panels) or too visible to the detriment of aesthetics. Significant scaffolding was required for the installation to provide a safe work environment for the installers. The Franklins also required the external cabling to be concealed.

Roof limitations on Dave Franklin's home SunGroup Energy

Jack Buttner, the Director of SunGroup Energy, discussed with Roshan the limitations of the installation and the solution they were able to provide. While a larger system would have been preferable for the energy needs of the family, the 7.7kW system installed will provide approximately 29kWh of electricity each day for the home. With the average pool consuming 12.5kWh a day, and this being a major feature of the home, the system is poised to cover most of the home’s daytime energy needs. The $3,000 energy bills of old should be a thing of the past!

The personal touch that elevates a solar retailer 

Most solar quotes and assessments are conducted over the phone, which will get the job done. But SunGroup Energy provides itself with the personal touch that sees its solar professionals offer in-home assessments. These assessments allow for personalised solutions, especially in the case of tricky installations. 

SunGroup Energy, with offices in Victoria and New South Wales, offers above-standard warranties. They work with some of the leading solar manufacturers to provide top-quality installations with high-quality products.

Energy Matters is proud to refer our customers to SunGroup Energy, as we know that our customers will be provided with the highest quality customer service and satisfaction with their installation. 

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