Victorian Government funds solar microgrids for multi-tenant buildings

Coal-fired energy to blame for Victorian outages during heatwave.

Households and businesses in multi-tenant buildings are set to enjoy lower energy bills through the Victorian Government’s microgrid funding scheme.

Three test buildings in Melbourne will consequently benefit from shared solar panel and battery systems under the $2 million project.

State Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio has announced a $980,000 grant for the Ovida Community Energy Hub. This is part of the Labor government’s Microgrid Demonstration Initiative (MDI).

Microgrid funding takes energy to the people

Residents in apartment blocks and commercial multi-storey buildings will see for themselves how solar energy storage slashes electricity bills.

Microgrid funding in Victoria for shared solar energy storage.

Residents and businesses in Victorian apartment blocks are set to enjoy shared solar energy storage. Image: Pixabay

A microgrid is a small network of electricity users. It creates a supply of local power that is secure, sustainable and also cost-effective.

Because a microgrid can function off-grid, it generates its own energy during power outages and blackouts. It can also store and share excess energy among microgrid users.

Andrews Government targeting microgrid power

The Microgrid Demonstration Initiative grant program will provide a grant of $10 million. This will result in eight microgrid projects across Victoria worth $37 million in value.

The MDI is part of the Victorian government’s $146 million Renewable Energy Action Plan. The state is now aiming for renewable energy targets of 25 per cent by 2020 and 40 per cent by 2025.

Additionally, under the state’s ambitious Solar Homes program, residents can also get half-price solar installations.

Solar gardens: cheaper power to apartment dwellers 

Those living in multi-storey apartments have long missed out on the benefits of solar installations due to roof access.

That’s why solar gardens are now growing in popularity. These aggregate individually-owned solar panels at an off-site location. As a result, apartment dwellers can buy a stake in a solar garden and take that investment with them if they move.

A proposed Victorian Greens policy also aims to give renters, public housing tenants and apartment owners access to solar gardens.

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