Next-Generation Roll-to-Roll Printed Solar Cells Illuminate the Path to Sustainable Energy

Roll-to-roll printing technology has emerged as a promising avenue for mass-producing solar cells. Recently, scientists achieved a milestone by attaining record efficiency levels in these next-generation printed solar cells. This marks a significant leap forward in the race towards affordable and efficient renewable energy solutions. 

What is roll-to-roll printing?

Roll-to-toll printing is a high-speed manufacturing process wherein materials are continuously printed onto flexible substrates rolled onto and off rotating cylinders. This allows for the large-scale production of thin-film electronic devices, including solar cells, with minimal material waste and increased efficiency. 

Its advantages for solar cell manufacturing include scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency. 

A breakthrough in solar cell manufacturing efficiency

Scientists from CSIRO led an international team to a clean energy breakthrough. They have set a new efficiency record for fully roll-to-roll printed solar cells. The team has solved several engineering issues and achieved results across a large surface area of interconnected modules. 

The new system they developed to produce and test over ten thousand solar cells a day quickly. They have incorporated perovskite, an advanced material that is emerging the the realm of solar cells. 

All of the perovskite solar cells are printed onto plastic films. The new solar technology is lightweight and flexible, which means it can be deployed in many ways across urban construction, mining operations, emergency management, and more. Dr. Anthony Chesman, CSIRO’s Renewable Energy Systems Group Leader, said, “CSIRO’s thin and light-weight solar cells are now on the cusp of emerging from the lab to create clean energy in the real world.” 

He continued, “We’ve solved several engineering problems to achieve record results across a large surface area of interconnected modules.”

With roll-to-roll printing, solid cells may be manufactured on long and continuous rolls of plastic, which can significantly increase the rate of production. 

The recent breakthrough is a pivotal moment in advancing renewable energy technology. It underscores the importance of continuous innovation and collaboration in seeking more efficient and sustainable energy solutions. 

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