Property owners clean energy guide lays out cost-saving options

Australia's potential solar output exceeds electricity consumed in NEM.

A new, easy to use property owners clean energy guide sets out the options and financial benefits of clean energy for property owners and managers.

Produced by the Property Council of Australian and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, the ‘Distributed Energy in the Property Sector’ guide suggests practical, clean energy options for property owners and managers.

The guide features tables showing how each clean option – solar PV for example – can benefit a development, whether it’s residential, industrial, commercial or retail.

Property owners clean energy guide pages

The solar PV entry of the new property guide to clean energy.

It steps through the technology options and business case considerations that apply to the different property sub-sectors. Importantly, it factors in electricity price differences across states and territories.

Payback time-frame included for each state/sector

Attached to each clean energy option are important financial considerations, such as the pay back timeframe on investment. For example, for solar PV in every sector the payback time is shown as four years or less across Australia.

Included are load size and profile, the state of the technology and peak demand offset for each sector. There is also information on variations across states. In addition, there’s the capital cost of installation following rebates such as small-scale technology certificates (STCs).

Battery storage featured in case study

Thirteen case studies on commercial, retail and educational facilities highlight the possibilities for cost savings and emissions reduction.

Battery storage also features along with a retail case study. Needing a grid upgrade, the Domino’s store in Plumpton, Western Sydney, considered alternatives. Instead of grid infrastructure, management installed a 135 kWh battery system. This augmented supply at approximately half the cost of the grid upgrade.

“There are compelling reasons to improve the energy efficiency and utilisation of clean energy technologies in Australia’s built environment,” the guide states.

Property owners clean energy guide a practical resource

Its authors add that the guide is a practical resource for property managers and owners.

“The cost of electricity from renewable resources has declined significantly over recent years and continues to fall. This is leading to a growing uptake of clean energy generation in the Australian market.

“While many leading companies have led the way in adopting these technologies, there is still a lack of information or awareness about these technologies more broadly in the property sector.”